Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Hip, a Hop and a Happy!

First Off Hip Update.  I woke up this morning with no pain in my hip.  I just knew I was healed and couldn't believe it.  Well it was nice but short lived.  In all fairness it does feel some better today so hopefully this treatment will work. 

Last night I was really jazzed about working out since I hadn't done anything all day long.  We had a short but really intense workout.  We boxed until I thought my arms were going to fall off, then we moved to the ab machine to keep going for a little while.  There was lots of moaning and groaning but we did it. 

Well today I have been a busy little girl.  I got to the office early because I had lots of stuff to do and I am helping with hair and makeup for prom tonight.  So I finished up all my office stuff and ran home for a second to get my stuff together.

When I pulled up to the house I just happened to notice a box on my front porch.  To preface this next part I have to explain.  I have dealt with my grief probably not in the responsible way that I should, I chose retail therapy and food.  I know healthy right!  Well I have done just a bit of online shopping.  I knew the problem was out of control when I couldn't remember what in the world I had ordered.  So I skipped in the house to get the scissors to figure out what it was...that I ordered!  Problem...yes!

So I opened up the box and guess what it was...

The best part is I didn't order it!!!!!!!!  It was actually a little happy from my friend.  We talk a lot about her different books and workout DVD's and own most of them.  I was so happy to have it!  This will go great with my new sauce brush that my sister got me yesterday.  I wanted hers so she got me one.  Now I just have to find the time to do a lot of cooking. 

I am one happy little girl today!

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