Monday, April 25, 2011

Hope You All Had A Wonderful Easter Weekend

I know my Easter weekend was wonderful and now back to the Monday through Friday grind.  I did so much better on my food this weekend than I would have ever expected.  I saw the horrid picture from Thursday that just highlighted the weight gain I have experienced over the last month and the calorie counting started back instantly. 

I was afraid over the holiday I would just binge on candy and cakes, but I was able to eat some candy and have A cupcake instead of the entire bowl of candy and 4 cupcakes.  I'm taking little victories right now.  But my food today has been on track.  I packed everything this morning and have stuck to it.  The only addition was a Marathon bar that I got at my No Bo meeting tonight.  I ate one of these a few months ago and it was awful so I just thought I would try this one tonight and it was delicious!!!!  Its Marathon Energy Snickers Crunchy Honey & Toasted Almond.  150 calories of deliciousness!

Our No Bo meeting was so great tonight.  I ran with a small group of about 4 women tonight and they all worked so hard.  We upped the mileage and the time running tonight and I thought they might pitter out towards the end.  Now some of them said a few naughty words but they did it all the way to the end.  I was incredibly proud.  I am loving this program more and more each week because I like to watch other achieve something that they never thought was possible.

I am feeling much better today.  Its amazing how a little bit of control can change the way you feel and your attitude.  I have been on that steroid for a week now and it has made me feel like crap.  I took my last pill this morning so I know it is not out of my system yet but just knowing that it is on its way out makes me feel better.  I have not been able to sleep on it, my calves have cramped and basically anyone that can talk has gotten on my nerves while on it.  I am happy that it is done....I wish it had fixed my hip but we cant get everything we want can we now!

I have one more workout tonight and I usually go easy on my workout buddy on Monday nights because we run our No Bo group but she wasn't able to make it tonight so I think we will have a go at it after she makes up her run...hahah no mercy!  I'm ready to go again, my hair is messed up and I'm already sweaty so might as well keep working hard.

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