Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Took My Own Advice

Sorry for no post yesterday but I finally took my own advice and didn't post when I was in a crummy mood.  I was just sort of in a funk and didn't have anything nice to say.  First off I was a little bit mad that everyone had the day off yesterday for Good Friday and I had to work at both jobs.  I didn't get off of either one!!!!  That just started my day off in the wrong direction.  Then, not only did I have work I had too much stuff to get done in the cracks of time between appointments (for example I had to bake cupcakes while I mowed my yard.)  I don't know where all the hours went yesterday.  I was up and going all day long. 

Ok to just be honest I was also a little grumpy because on Thursday night after getting the girls ready for prom I caught a glimpse of myself in a full body photo.  I knew I had gained some pounds but this picture made me look like I was up 75 pounds.  I was mortified at the picture!  I just wanted to go workout and not participate in the rest of the evening.  But the girls looked great on Thursday night and I couldn't be in a bad mood there so I just transferred it over to Friday.

Anyway, today is already exponentially better, and I am saying that after having to be at work at 5am!  Sometimes a poor pitiful me day is necessary, I'm just glad I didn't post yesterday because there would have been swear words involved...I just know it.

I had to get up a little bit early yesterday so I could get in my run, but it was a shorter run than normal.  We got in 2 before the day started off.  I don't know when I am going to workout today but I have to finish mowing my yard so maybe I can work up a good sweat and count that as a workout, otherwise I will have to come back to the gym today.  And trust me, after seeing the pictures I wont be just missing any workouts for a while. 

Like I said I am in a much better mood today, but with this holiday weekend I probably wont be back again until Monday.  I have not been the best blogger this week.  Ill do better, on blogging, food, and workouts!!!!

Update!!!! I forgot the best part of yesterday!!!!!  On my should have been 2 minutes 20 minute trip to Wal-Mart I slipped on water in the isle and busted my butt in Wal-Mart.  I was too embarassed to know if I was hurt or didnt feel good!  Sorry that was the icing on the cake.

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