Friday, April 29, 2011

It Kinda Worked

First off, I woke up this morning at 3:30 this morning to watch the royal wedding.  I didn't know if it came on regular channels but it was on every channel.  I was a little bit gitty getting to watch a lady become a princess.  Every little girls dream!  So sweet.

I had to leave before the first kiss because I had a date to run with my running buddy.  My entire body was incredibly sore this morning when I woke up from the pushing and pulling of clean up.  So we walked way more that we ran, actually we walked most of our run this morning.  It was kinda hip is still hurting and everything else hurt so I got a good little break.

So then it was another busy day at work today, actually it was another day stuck in traffic.  I was a little bit put off this morning when I tried to fill up with gas and a small child ran out in front of my car.  I was so close to hitting him and it has terrified me.  I nearly cried when it happened.  Its was just too crowded and a mess or disorganization.  Praise the Lord I didn't hit him.

After my nerves calmed and I drove the 45 minutes to work (5 mile trip) I settled down just a bit.  Then job #2 was slow and boring(because no one wanted to deal with traffic.)  After I got off work I was going to try to swim to workout all my soreness.....and it finally worked.  My arms are soooooo much better than they have been all day long. 

I have had too much alone time today because I have thousands of meaning less thoughts tonight.  So here goes, just listen to my ranting for a moment. 

First off, I am running with a group in the morning, a group that is much faster than me and I feel like I am going to slow them down.  My running buddy is very understanding that I am slower than most people but I just feel like I am annoying them and slowing them down and they don't want me to run with them. 

Second, I think I might be the only person who wipes out in Wal-Mart and gets hit by a sledge hammer in the same week.
There really are no more words for this one!!!!!

Thirdly, I am icing cupcakes right now to give my running group in the morning so that maybe it will slow them down just a little bit....hahahah.

Finally, it is Friday night and I am at home alone watching the worst movie ever but I cannot stop it, I am an hour invested in it at this point so I cant just not finish.  Eh!

This has been a really weird day all the way around.  Not bad, not good, just strange.  I got my workouts in and now I am just hoping for a good run tomorrow.

I'm heading off to bed as soon as this awful movie is over.  Sleep tight!

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