Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Necessary Thing...Burning Calories

Today I focused on my yard for most of my calorie burn.  I worked on it all day long.  From mowing to weeding trimming and getting up the last of the weeds.  I opted out of a traditional workout this morning for yard work.  I know I was getting a pretty seriously good workout because I was sweating like crazy.

I did however decide to take a break about midday to grab some lunch and go buy some new appliances.  I stopped in the appliance store on Monday while out running  (Really??!?!?!?!?)  and found a dryer that I thought would suit my needs and they said if I bought a dryer and a fridge they would cut me a deal.  It turns out that this year in May all appliances purchased in 1972 will stop working, mine were just over achievers and decided to go out in April.  I am so proud of them.  Well I got me a brand spankin new Fridge and Dryer and cannot wait to have them delivered.  My dryer just stopped working, actually it did just the opposite, I started it on Sunday night and when I got home on Tuesday morning it was still running.  Not auto shut off and no hot air, so basically it just spun my clothes around for 2 days.  I guess the risk of fire was gone since it wasn't hot!  And my precious fridge, every 32 minutes it makes a wonderful foghorn like sound.  Every 32 minutes on the dot.  And just recently it has started creating condensation on the outside of the fridge.  Both needed replacing pretty bad, my wallet is not all that happy about it but I am.

Sorry, I got side tracked with the ode to my crappy appliances.

This afternoon I did take a break to get a traditional workout.  I went out running with some of the members of my NoBo group.  I am just loving this program, and I am loving seeing people get so motivated to go out and run.  This afternoon I was going to do my regular 2:1 running walking.  I asked the girl that wanted to do my intervals if she wanted to make it a little more intense and do 3:1....then she said those words that I love, "I cant do that!!!"  Gueeeeeessss what?  She could.  ha ha ha ha ha

It was a great run.  I got a total of 3 miles in today and was just pouring sweat.  I have missed the joy of sweat, I am so happy for sunny weather.

My hip is still hurting pretty good today.  Instead of going back to the doctor and being that crazy person that cannot stay out of the waiting room, I am going to call and see if there is some correlation between the screwy knee and my hip.  Once way or the other I need to know what is going on with this hip!  It hurts!

My food today has been better too.  I made some more good decisions today and stopped eating when I was full instead of just eating til all the food was gone.  I feel much better the last couple of days than I have in the last few weeks.  Now I'm finishing up my water for the day and then going to bed.  Actually I have to vacuum my floors before I go to bed because they come to deliver my appliances tomorrow.  Right now I have cracked leaves all over the carpet. 

Nighty Night!

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Anonymous said...

Don't you just love it when major appliances decide to bite the dust at the same time?

Congrats on the run and on eating healthier.

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