Friday, April 1, 2011

New Things

I am so excited about my run tomorrow but I am really more excited about tonight.  My precious niece texted me a few weeks ago and asked if it was a good idea to go to Nothin But Noodles to fuel for our race the night before the big run.  As you could guess I think it is a great idea. 

We are going to take a small getaway to Huntsville and get some food, and even take a little trip to Fleet Feet to get all the things she needs for the race that she doesn't know about and no one tells you before your first race.  I have told her everything I can think of and now we get to buy them.  I am so excited for her first half and if she is anything like me it will grab her and she will be hooked for life.

Next, I have been so crazy the last week I forgot to tell you about all my new fun things.  I went and got a phone.  I researched and studied and found what was going to be perfect for me.  I purchased the Samsung Fascinate because I knew I would just love it....WRONG.  I hated this stupid phone.  The fact that it made it through the week without being on the side of the road in pieces is truly amazing.

So on Friday I took it back.  I all but threw it at the little girl at the store.   It turns out that I am cool enough to have an iphone.  I have had it for about a week now and I am really enjoying it.  So far it does everything I need it too and more.  I actually let my dad play on it one night and he played a fishing game.  Right off the bat he launched the phone into his bowl of food!!!  He was trying to cast the fishing line.....

I also got a new pair of house shoes.  Again in my attempt to be like no one else I have not been able to get on board with the Ugg phenomenon, but since I have been staying at my Dad's house for the last week I sort of took over his Ugg house shoes.  Oh my gosh they are the warmest most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet.  So now yet again I am conforming and I officially own a pair of Uggs.  I think I should follow the trends more often because in the last 2 examples they were so right on the money. 

I have no workouts tonight, just a little shopping and a lot of eating, then slumber party at my house.  This is no up all night party, we will actually slumber!

Ill let you know how the race goes tomorrow.

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Jane said...

Good luck tomorrow! I'm assuming Oak Barrel Half? I think you said you were doing it when we spoke... have fun!

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