Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh It Was A Good One

Know what!!!!!!!!  You know I wouldn't be on here early on a Saturday morning unless my run went good...and it did.

We all met at 7am and there was a pretty big group which was nice because I wasn't stressed out about keeping up with the fastest of the runners.  Luckily my late night workout buddy came and she and I ran together.  We ran a good pace for most of our run.  Not very much walking at all.   I never see her before 10pm so it was nice to get to run some distance with her.  She an I ran together for 4 miles. 

After we ran we went to go get some breakfast.  I was soaking up the day light with her and I was also afraid if I didn't feed her she would eat me...she was a little bit hungry.  She was giving me the run down on how to count calories during the day.  Apparently before noon the calories count has half, after noon the calories are normal and if you eat after 8 the calories are doubled.  I was laughing out loud at the table.  We ordered nearly every single thing on the menu and shared.  It was a nice little buffet.

Now I have some work to do outside today but I just had to let you know that my run went good this morning.  I needed a good one and it really just raised my spirit.

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