Friday, April 15, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Guess What???  Its raining again!

Yes we have spent the last three weeks with 2 beautiful days, then rain, storms, rain, and more rain.  It has really messed up my running schedule, well just this morning because I actually got up on time and made it to town on time and it started pouring on my way in.  I don't particularly like to run in the rain, I can if I have to, but now I'm just over it.

And aside from the obvious, I am having a great hair day.  All the spikes are in the right place and I have the option to use an umbrella (so not happening), or wear my raincoat which I pull over my most excellent hair do and now it will be all smashed.  Grrrr!

It looks like it is supposed to do this all day long and get bad this afternoon so it will be an indoor workout tonight.

Oh and I have to pay my taxes...that doesn't help any day! (Just thought I would throw that one in there)

Go Away!!!!

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