Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My soreness has lifted a bit since Sunday.  I was pretty sure on Sunday that I would never be able to walk upright again.  My running buddy assured me that if we went and ran on Monday that I would feel better and some of my soreness would go away.  She lies too!

We ran early, with me whining every single step.  I hurt all day yesterday.  Like walk doubled over and moan when I stand and sit hurt, but today I am feeling better.  I still have certain positions that I cannot stand but for the most part I am back.  Now do I have any desire to do anything physical for the next day....NO!!!!!

I actually don't get to workout at all today.  I wanted to but I am stuck at the office all day long and then I am going to an event tonight and wont get home till really late so I just have to deal with no workout today.  I might go run in the morning if it is not raining but in these parts the last three weeks have been nothing but rain.

Nothing but rain until today.  Today I had to go to the eye doctor...I cannot see...and its the first day that we have had sunshine in weeks and I cant even enjoy it because of the stabbing pain in my eyes every time the sun shine in them.  I have been sitting in my office with sunglasses on because the glare of the windows is giving me a headache.

And tonight I will miss the next episode of Biggest Loser.  I'm not even recording it because I still have not caught up.  I am one week behind and don't want to see the new ones until I know what is going on.  I am just hoping to catch up by the finale.  

Hopefully tomorrow I can get in a normal workout day because I need one so bad.  I am hoping for a morning run, Zumba in the afternoon and a late night boxing workout.  That would be ideal....but we will see what the day brings.

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