Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Such a Fun Night

Today I opted out of my usual afternoon run and workout for a fun night with my niece at Fleet Feet Huntsville's Diva Night.  It was a night of shopping for great deals, food, and fun.

We tried to get there on time so we could get the gift bag.  Our gift bags had Body Glide (I don't have to tell you how much I love that!) and a water bottle, some BioFreeze and a little tote bag.  So cute!  We only had to wait in line for a few minutes before we got to go in the store and shop at some incredible deals.    All clothing was 25% off with additional deals on bras and shoes.  I actually ordered bras online today because mine have just about bit the dust.  They also had spa treatments set up all over the store, massage, hair consultations, etc.

To my surprise, I found a section in the store of plus sizes!!!!!  I can never ever find actual workout clothes in my size that are women's clothes.  I always have to buy men's clothes and just hope they will work.  Anyway, I got a pair of running shorts.  Women's running shorts.  I think someone has finally listened.  Just because I am a big girl does not mean that I don't workout!!!!!!!!  I want cute women's clothes too.  So, I decided it was time to make a purchase, running shorts.  They are long enough to be appropriate but short enough to not get caught up on my knees.  And they are tight across the tush and loser around the bottom.  I'm so happy to have them. 

I also entered the raffle for some door prizes.  (I should tell you that I have incredibly good luck at raffles and lotteries)  Well, I won!  I won a free pair of New Balance tennis shoes.  And all the raffle went to a good cause so I was happy all around.

I was very please with our night and happy that I ditched the workout to go have some fun.

Tomorrow if the weather permits I will run in the morning, if not I will hopefully get to go to Zumba tomorrow afternoon.  I haven't been in so long I will probably not know any of the dances anymore.  But I want to go to Zumba and shake my tush.

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Slimmer Sally said...

i'm sort of jealous. I'm in the hsv area and that would have rocked. i need to pay attention to events like that in the area.

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