Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Workout Intense Workout Crazy

This morning I did something that never happens....I missed my run.  I slept horribly last night!  I had bad dreams all night long and didn't hardly sleep.  I woke up at 6am and got out of bed.  I walked around for about 15 minutes trying to wake up and it just wasn't I called and told them I would meet them in about 30 minutes for the run.  I was just going to miss the steps.  Well 6:45 rolled around and about 2 more bad dreams later I still had not slept.  I finally just gave up!  I called and cancelled.  Luckily there were two of them so I didn't leave anyone hanging alone.

I never went to workout and I think it was one of the best decisions.  I needed the rest and my leg actually felt better for the most part of the day.  And missing my workout made me think about what I was going to do for tonight's workout. 

I came up with what I think was the most intense workout I have ever come up with.  I was pretty sure I was going to make my workout buddy cry.

I got my hair all spiked up and my short shorts on and got ready for the workout. 

Well the workout started off pretty well.  Then the sweat started to pour.  Circuit number 1 was a good start. Then it was time for circuit number 2.  When I thought I might get tears I got the combative argumentative workout buddy!  She actually said she would not do this one particular workout...but she did anyway.  When I said it was time again to do that circuit over I thought she might hit me.  The entire workout was a full body workout.  Lots of picking up heavy bags and toting them across the room, step ups and jump ups and punching.  Then we finished it off with some sprints.  I do love sprints. 

I knew the workout was a success when it was over because we usually finish up with about a half mile walk and tonight we made it about 2 laps and called it a night.  My hair was wilted and I was ready to go home.  Now I am finally home and ready to get into know cause the awful nights sleep last night. 

I have a day full tomorrow and have no idea when I will get to go to the gym.  My calendar tomorrow is back to back.  It may be 10pm before I get there but I will get one in.  I have enjoyed getting back to my regular workout schedule.  It seems like thing are starting to fall back into place.

Nighty night all.....

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