Monday, April 18, 2011

Wow! What A Weekend!

I have had a thousand posts this weekend but have had absolutely no time to get online so I will just have to give you a massive Monday morning weekend update. 

This weekend....Well, for starters I didn't have to work, not at all and that never happens.  I have decided that I am going to start taking off Saturday nights so I can date (Hold the laughter.)  Its basically a really good excuse to not have to work Saturday nights....I'm not ruling out the dating thing, but really not the focus of the not working Saturday nights.

So since Thursday night I have been baking a birthday cake.  It was due on Saturday night and at 12:30 am Saturday morning I was pretty sure I bit off more than I could chew.  But have no fear, the cake got completed, it was HUGE!!!!  And if I can toot my own horn for a moment....

The scoreboard only lasted a few seconds but I got a picture of it with the scoreboard.

I was really please with the way it turned out and I think the birthday boy was too.  

Now I only have to do it one more time for the next birthday party....but I learned some valuable tricks with this one.  And I love to do it so much so I find it fun every single time, even when I am pretty sure I have screwed it up and it will taste and look like crap.  I just love it!

On Saturday morning I went for a little run...actually I went for two little runs.  Our NoBo Group had some homework to do this week and since I had to miss the Thursday run I thought this might be fun.  So I met with my running buddy at 7 and again at 7:45 to go running.  It was a good run considering I hadn't run in a few days due to the weather, and the fact that I only got 30 minutes of sleep cause of the haunting dreams of a Baseball cake.

Then to the ball park.  Yes it is that time of year again!  We take the sports outside for some sunny weather sports.  The fact that it was 45 degrees didn't help me get into the baseball spirit but it is fun to watch the little guys play.

Then on Sunday it was church, nap, and hair and makeup.  Prom is this week and we had to do a trial run of hair and makeup for my niece and faux-niece before the big day.  It was really fun...but I'm not sure at what point of the night my sisters and niece talked me into dying my hair red!  So once we finished hair and makeup and the little girls looked stunning it was my turn for beautification.  

When the hair color was on everyone thought I was going to have fire engine red hair but when it washed off it wasn't half bad....I actually kinda like it.  It covered my roots nicely and kinda looks good.

Way more strawberry than fire engine, whew!  By the way, that is my supermodel vogue pose!

So the weekend is over and back to the grind.  I got in a good run this morning and now I am paying for it dearly.  My hip is still killing me but I go to the doc in 2 days.  Wish me luck at that!
Tonight we No Bo run with the group and then late night workout followed by a nice soak in the hot tub if I can con my workout buddy to bring a bathing suit.  Hint hint.

I told you it was going to be long!!!!!!

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