Monday, April 11, 2011


You know I spent the entire weekend working in the yard.  Two fun filled days of digging and trimming and mulching and I have the sunburn and the sore forearms to prove it.  I am so happy with the way my outside looks.  And to top it all off I got all the crap off my carport.  Actually, I didn’t do it, my wonderful Bro-In-Law came over and toted the trash away and then came back to take the scrap medal.  I was so happy to have it gone; some of it has been there since November! 

Ahhhh the carport where all old appliances go to die.  If you have any you would like to get rid of just bring them over.

On Friday afternoon my new appliances were delivered to my house and they are all beautiful.  I originally purchased a Stainless Steel fridge which is not my favorite but it was a great deal for a good fridge and I thought why not.  Well Friday morning all hell broke loose when they realized that the doors couldn’t be reversed and I couldn’t get the same deal on another one with handles on the other side so I had to go and pick out a new one Friday morning before they were to deliver it on Friday afternoon.  I found another and got such a good price on it that I was able to get a dishwasher too.  I have one more appliance to go before I get rid of the harvest gold hardware in my kitchen.

My beautiful ZzzzQuitezzzzz Fridge!

Hey Hey the match now!!!!!!!!

I did take a break from the Saturday work and go run on Saturday afternoon.  It was a wonderful run, really hot but we got in about 4 miles overall.  We were picking out a new route for our No Boundaries group.  New scenery can be good.  We actually mapped out 2 different routs to give it some variety.

On Sunday I really needed to take a break.  I worked in the yard for a bit but nothing major.  Then it was off to our Relay for Life meeting.  It was that time of year again for Relay for Life.  I spent my entire day today doing the one thing I hate the most which is asking people for money.  One of our fundraisers is a 5k race and we are searching for sponsors...I know shocker this is the event that I get to co-chair.  I'm pretty excited about it, it was fun last year and I hope it can be bigger this year. 

This morning I got up early this morning and ran with my running buddy.  I am struggling right now with my runs.  I have gained some weight and I feel fat and I think my running clothes are too tight and I cannot do as well as I have been able to in the past.  I just feel fat!  I have done better on my food and I do feel better but I want my clothes to fit better than they do right now and I am ready for a few good runs! 

Finally, our No Bo group champed it out tonight and came to run in the rain.  It was a threat for sever weather tonight but it has been pushed back all day long and we had to miss for weather last week so we really wanted to go run tonight as a group.  It rained on us just for a moment but we got done before the bottom dropped out.  I was so glad we beat it out. 

Tomorrow I am taking the day off running. I need a day off. My legs are just killing me. Oh and my hip is officially hurting so bad that I called and made a doctors appointment today. I am just scared to not have it checked out. I think I have bursitis in the hip, but I also have some symptoms of a stress fracture and that can be dangerous if not treated. I just need to know what is wrong, if anything and I need it to stop hurting!

I don’t go until next Wed. to the doc so I will let you know what he says. I am becoming that girl who runs to the ortho because something hurts every 5 minutes. I gave it a week and it is not better!

Ill be back tomorrow and hopefully I can catch up on some of these Biggest Losers I have missed. I know pretty much what is going on but I have not seen the last 2 and would like to watch tomorrow night but I don’t want to be behind. Ohhhh the BL dilemma!

See ya tomorrow!

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farmgirl19 said...

The new fridge looks soooooo good!!!! Love it!!

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