Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Surrender, I Give Up, I Give In

I AM HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today has not been my best day.  I got hot over the weekend and I still have not recovered from it.  I have not felt well all day long and just could not get cool.  So....I turned on my air conditioner.  I can usually make it way further into the summer but not this year.  I gave up and turned it on before June!!!!

So in order to beat the heat tomorrow we have decided to run early in the morning so we don't end up with the same temp as Monday's race.  I am glad to get it in before the heat but I don't want to wake  up early.

I do need a workout....I skipped my workout today.  All joking about the heat aside, I really haven't felt all that well today and thought it would be a nice day to rest and recoup instead of pushing it and really making myself sick.  So tomorrow we start the day off early with a run and have plenty of time to get in a second workout for the day.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow and enter to win the Bondi Band.  Yeah my first giveaway!!!!

Night! (I have to go to sleep so I don't oversleep in the morning.)

My Excitement is Overwhelming

I am soooo excited to let you all know that starting tomorrow I will be hosting my first ever giveaway!!!!  I have wanted to do this for sometime, and, well, the time has come. 

Starting Wednesday morning I will be giving away 1 bondi band to a lucky winner.  Bondi Band has provided me with a headband and I couldn't imagine one more perfect than this. 

Tomorrow morning I will post and give you the rules and the different ways to enter.  So don't forget to come back tomorrow and enter to win.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

I don't know about y'all but I have been a busy little girl this weekend!  Not anything work related....oh no....for the first time all in a long time all the stars aligned and I had the entire weekend off of work so I filled it with 3 days of absolute fun in the sun (literally!)  Let me just tell you all about it.
On Saturday I got up pretty early for the day off because I needed to do just a little bit of yard work and I didn't want that hanging over my head all weekend long.  I just wanted to have fun.  I was amazed at how hot it was!  (By the way, the heat is going to be a recurring theme throughout this entire post)  I headed out to the ball park for a baseball game.  Then I pretty much moved into my sisters pool for the rest of the weekend. 

Funny!!!!!!  I discovered my sister is terrified of the annoying cicadas that I have told you about.  I just so happened to get a video of her running from the bugs and it is HIsterical! 

I got just a little bit of a sunburn on Saturday afternoon but it really wasn't that bad.  I spent most of the time in the pool because it was just too hot to sit outside.

We all purchased a tank top all to make fun of one brother in law.....I do not wear tank tops.  Oh, it was too funny!

This was sister 2's weekend to be the funny one.  She was a fanny pack away from being the theme park mom!  Please not the waterproof canister around her neck.  Hello 1992!

On Sunday morning we had another fun filled day planned.  Canoe the River.  This is one of my favorite things ever.   I didn't get to go at all last year at all so I was so excited.  And I am considering my canoe trip a workout because I got in a boat with two younger guys that never paddled and I was ok with that.  After canoeing I was officially sunburned and HOT!  Hot hot hot!  I went back home...to the pool and crashed there for the rest of the afternoon.  I played a game in the pool and got elbowed and kicked in the face twice in about 2 minutes.  By the time I got home I crashed out.  I fell asleep in the middle of a text conversation.  I am so happy that I set my alarm when I got home because I had to be up early this morning for my Memorial Day race, excuse me, races.

I woke up early this morning, yet again, and headed off to race day.  I was not feeling very well on the way down there.  I was just not thinking running was going to be very fun today.  Then when I got there I had to park forever away and about half way to the start line I realized that I left my race numbers in the car.  Uh, not my day.  My belly hurt, my sports bra was rubbing my sunburn, just not my day!

Well it turned around pretty quick.  I found one of my NoBo girls and gave her my second race number and got in line to run just minutes before the gun sounded. 

Bang Bang the race as underway.  About 2 miles into the race I started to feel better.  I don't know what changed but I just got a second wind.  It was starting to get warm but I was ready to run...I just wish I had felt that way from the get go because I would have had a much better time. 

Towards the end of the race there was this one guy who was yelling at this girl to run faster and trying to be encouraging but it came off as obnoxious.  I rallied another runner to tackle him so I could rip his tongue out so he would shut up, but we were faster than him so we just let it go.  Then about 50 feet from the finish line I saw some of my family and about 10 feet from them I saw my No Bo group cheering.  I could tell they were so excited to be there and ready to run.  I was ready to go again and I wasn't even done with the first race yet.

I had a small rest between race one and race two and I am pretty sure that in that half an hour it got 30 degrees hotter.  By the time we started running it had to be close to 85 degrees and not a bit of shade in site.  I ran this race with some of my No Bo girls and had fun, despite the heat.  Everyone Finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was sooooo proud of my team for fighting through the heat and crowd and pushing through the pain.  I know I was soaking wet when the race was over.  All I wanted was water and air conditioning.  I got water and a bathing suit and headed back to the pool. 

Swimming suit photo, I just cant get Sports Illustrated to stop calling!

Now my weary body is ready for bed.  I want to take a bath in lotion and ice and then sleep until I cannot sleep anymore.  I hope you holiday weekend was as full and wonderful as mine.

Friday, May 27, 2011

I've Done Nothing but Work Today!

I enjoyed my semi day off yesterday hangin by the pool and it was wonderful....but I did not get that luxury today.  Today I worked and worked hard.  I have done nothing but work. 

I haven't gotten a workout yet today so it looks like it will be another late night at the gym.

But I must say my Chicken Fajita nachos that I talked about yesterday were D-E-Licious!  I had them for lunch and it was the best lunch I have had in a while.  Granted you are talking to the girl who eats a turkey or chicken sandwich every single day for lunch!

Ill let you know how my workout goes tonight, I know I have to lift and haven't yet decided what my cardio will be this evening.  Hopefully I can get it in and wont be at the gym ALL night long.  Hopefully!


All about dessert today at the Kelly's Korner Blog hop.  I enjoy eating desserts but for me I most make the birthday cake and its rarely from scratch.  Its way more about the decoration than the actual cake.

I talk about food a lot on my blog but it is very rare that I can share some out of the ordinary great recipe that makes everyone I know that eats it just melt.  I have done an expose on my World Famous Fruit Bowl which is still the best dessert I make and a healthy option for everyone. 

Today is another super easy dessert but healthy and really fun to eat.  My sister actually showed me this and I have no idea where she learned it but she doesn't have a blog so I am taking the credit.

Step 1:  Slice up an apple really really really thin.  As small as you can get it.  If you have one of those peeler, corer, slicer deals that works great just don't peel the apple. 

Step 2:  Spread the apple on a cookie sheet with no 2 pieces overlapping.

Step 3:  Take an empty salt shaker and fill it with powder jello mix.  In my house there is always a salt shaker dedicated to dry jello.

Step 4:  Sprinkle the jello over the apple slices and enjoy! 

I know it sounds a little quirky and weird but it is quite possible the bestest treat ever.  You can also sprinkle jello over grapes and chill.  My niece loves this one.  Either way you are going to have jello stained fingers for a few days but it is sooooooo worth it. 

Other than the jello apple my only other dessert is real fruit juice popsicle and I really don't think I can take credit for freezing liquid! 


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today Not As Expected

For starters, last night I didn't sleep at all.  We had storms rolling through the area that were all really late at night.  I didn't get home till almost midnight and that's when the fun began.  I was unpacking my stuff and getting ready for today and then the storms began.  I put it on the news and they assured me that we were not going to have tornados so I went to bed.  Around 2 am it really got loud again and I got a text...it was my family asking if I was ok cause the power was out.  Well mine was still on and I was officially ready for bed.  I woke up every few minutes for the next couple of hours cause of rain and thunder.  For that I slept in as long as I could this morning. 
When I finally got up I ate my breakfast but it was really closer to lunch time so it messed up my food for the entire day.  When breakfast is pushed back then lunch is too and then by the time it is time to eat dinner its just to late to eat a full meal.  We will come back to this.

After a short trip to the office I went over to my sister house to visit the swimming pool.  I knew they would be there and I wanted to get a little swim before the storms came through again.  Well it never stormed so I got to swim for a little while.  I love a day of working by the pool.  I have the luxury of working away from the office some days and it is soooooo great. 

I finally got done swimming and headed off to run with my No Bo group.  This is the last time I will run with any of them until the race on Monday.  We are tapering off now so it was a short run today and the girls I ran with did great.  They are so ready for this race. 

I then had some errands to do and I needed to do a little more workout before I could call it a day.  I went to the gym and did a little spinning while watching some college softball....helped pass the time.  Then I had to go to they grocery store.  Worst decision ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so hungry.  It is almost 10 and I am surely not going to eat this late but I have to have some food for tomorrow so there was really no choice.

I walked through the isle with tunnel vision the best I could but I kept thinking I will get just a little something to eat before bed.  I looked for that perfect thing and somehow ended up on the candy isle.  Fret not folks, I finally just left the store with no little snack for tonight only the things I need for lunches and dinner.  When I got home I started cooking my food that I had just purchased...NEW Worst Decision Ever.

Now on top of being really really hungry my house smells delicious.  I am having fajitas for lunch tomorrow and my whole house smells like Mexican goodness.  Seriously how good does this look?

I just might have to eat Fajitas for breakfast now because I am dying to eat it now.  I had a bite of the chicken and almost fainted it was so good.  Now I'm waiting for the rest of my food to get done so I can go to bed.  I never imagined this night would go so late but I guess since I got to have a relaxing day I have to do the nightly work! 

Tomorrow I don't have a run in the morning.  My regular running buddy cant run and I could very well go on my own or with someone else but I am taking the morning to do a non-impact workout and give my sore legs a little bit of a break, especially since I have a race coming up. 

I must go stir now but I promise tomorrow I will post before midnight, and hopefully before it gets dark!!!!!!

Have a good one!


Courage doesn't always roar.  Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow.  ~Mary Anne Radmacher

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Bad Run

Well today really wasn't my day for running.  I have not had a really bad running day in quite a while, maybe a slow run or a day that I cant seem to catch my breath but today I was struggling from the word go.  At one point I contemplated going back to the gym and just quitting it for the day.  I knew I was slowing down everyone that was running with me and it sucks to make someone else have a slow day when they want to go.

I did finish the run this morning and all I wanted to do when it was over was lay down and go to sleep.  I was just so blue when it was done!

I woke up a little bit sore from my HIITs class and I am hoping that is what is to blame for a bad running day but now that it is over I am glad that I finished it and didn't quit.  Maybe Friday will be a good run. 

I wont get another workout until late this evening with my workout buddy, who by the way I am very mad at.  I have been working on a special workout for her tonight because I am angry and it will be like a bit of punishment.  Ha Ha Ha (imagine evil voice here)  She came and ran this morning and I informed her that she was "on my list" but I couldn't waste that energy while running so for the 4 miles I was not mad but once we were done, back to it.  (Don't Tell:  I'm really not that mad at her but she was a secret keeper and this is her punishment.) 

And so far today has been another good day on the diet front.  I am almost at 2 weeks of quality food and if not healthy it was factored into the daily caloric plan so I am not over my calorie limit for the day.  (I might be doing so good because I cannot find the time to eat.  I have been working on my current banana for the last hour and Im still not done with it.)

I have done so good on my diet that I went and purchased myself a new lunchbox today.  It is very 80's inspired with a Rainbow Bright rainbow across the front and will up to 12 can drinks, just imagine how much fruit I can get in that.  My lunch box has been packed to the gills, especially on days that I have to pack my lunch and dinner.  I put everything in its own container so nothing gets yuck before I have to eat it.  Now I can get all my containers and drinks in the same lunchbox and not have to carry a lunchbox and a bag. 

Biggest Loser Finale

Well in the first 15 minutes we just knew that the winner was going to be a woman.  But unfortunately for me I didn't like any of the women in the final 3.  My pick of the 3 of them ended up winning and I was pretty happy about that.  They force us to wait till the last moments of the show to find out who won and they almost missed it last night because they couldn't get Hannah and Olivia to stop talking....the trend continues.

The biggest shocker for me was the at home winner.  Talk about coming out of no where.  I didn't really think Deni was a threat on campus and especially not once she got home but she came back with flying colors.  Another one that I must say looked great was Justin.  I almost didn't recognize him or the Pink team girls daughter....like they had been replaced by look a likes.  The pink team daughter was looking really good at the finale.

I was impressed that so many of them had a big weight loss.  Sometimes at the finale they come back and they just could have done more and there were only a handful of people that I felt that way about at this finale.  Q and his wife....I wish they had lost more, but the shocker for me was Courtney.  We know, we know, she lost 100 lbs on her own so I was just expecting great things from her at the finale.  I don't know if y'all noticed but she lost 10 pounds since she left the ranch.  She has been gone for quite a while now and I just assumed she would have a bigger number.

Then my final analysis and I hope to have some pictures on this one tomorrow but what is the deal with the tight clothing?  I have complained the entire season about Allison Sweeney's clothing being too tight and the wardrobe dept kept it up last night.  All the clothes were too tight and too short.  Hannah couldn't lift her arm up to wave without her goodies getting out the bottom of her dress.   Come on now they would look so much better if the clothes were just a size bigger.  There is no need for them to be sooooooo tight.  And the most inappropriate dress of all was the new trainer Cara.  She looked like she had a belly and surely they would have said if she was pregnant, but of all people wouldn't you want your trainers to look better than anyone else.  

Clothes so tight they leave nothing to the imagination.

I already cant wait for the next season to start but I hope I actually like more of the contestant on the next season than I did this one.  I really only liked about 3 of them and one of them quit.  For the most part I think the season was a good one and I, for one, am ready to go again.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Run, Intervals, and a SEASON FINALE

Does everyone know what tonight is?  That's right, its the Biggest Loser Finale and I cannot wait.  I am actually going to a Biggest Loser finale party, this is the same one that I won the grand prize at last year.  We play a little game where you guess the weights and if you win you get a fun little prize.

It seems like this season has been forever long.  I know I had a crazy last couple of months but it has just been on forever.  I am finally caught up with all the episodes I have missed (I think) and I am ready for tonight.

I really don't care who wins but I figure since I have need to pick a winner I am going to have to cheer for the Opera girl.  I don't like her sister cause she had the "Poor pitiful fat me cant do anything because I'm fat" and I do not have much sympathy for that.  Now she can do anything...she could have done it before she just chose not too.  And of course I want Green team dad to get into the finale and I want green team girl to take the at home money.  She was by far my favorite!

All my workouts today are going to be this afternoon.  I didn't have a chance for a morning workout but I have a run this afternoon and then I am finally getting back to the HIITS class that I like so much but have missed for the last 3 weeks cause my Tuesdays are usually swimming then running and I cant get back in time for it.  But my swimming buddy is taking the summer off so I have the time today...yeah!

After my class I must run home quickly and get ready for my party.  As much as I don't care about being dirty and smelly and gross the others may have a problem with it.  And I need to fix something to eat for the party.  I have a watermelon at home that I am thinking about cutting up and bringing cause its a good snack and I don't want to cook anything.  Is that awful?

With Biggest Loser ending I was afraid I was going to have no Weight Loss show to watch and then ABC has come through and are doing an Extreme Makeover show about weight loss.  It will hold me over until they bring my Biggest Loser back.

I think it just might be a good one!

Monday, May 23, 2011

So Long

I had a weekend of very few workouts and very many other things to do.  Ha Ha!  Apparently I am trying to make it all up in one day.  Not intentionally but that is how is seems to be going.

This morning I met with my running partner.  We were both pooped from the weekend but we did get a decent run.  That and we both knew we were going to have to run again this afternoon with our NoBo group so no need to overdo it first thing in the morning.  It was nice and warm this morning when we took off to run.  I will say this one time because in about 5 minutes I am going to start complaining about the heat and continue to complain about it all summer long.....but the heat felt good this morning.

After my run I got to be babysitter extraordinaire and then go swimming.  Not the workout kinda swimming but the splashing, diving board, water way to cold but so nice on a hot day swimming.  This was my first swim of the summer.  I was just practicing for Memorial Day because I will have the day off and I plan on spending the entire day in the pool.  But while I was at the pool I made a critical mistake that I didn't know was a critical mistake till I had already done it.  I ran and jumped off the diving board, and the pain in my hip is BACK!!!!!!  I should have known better.  It was finally feeling a little bit better and then I did something stupid, urgggg, I am so mad at myself.

Then this afternoon it was our last NoBo meeting.  I have had the best time with this group but I am ready for the final run.  I know these guys are going to do great.  One girl that I have run with nearly every single week finished our training run today in under 40 minutes.  Big goal for her.  I just know they are ready for this race and they will do so good.  This week they get to start to taper off and everyone seemed pretty excited about it. 

Just moments after we discussed tapering off my running buddy and I decided this would be the greatest time in the world to start running steps again.  We stopped doing that regularly before 2011 and now that it is burning hot seems like a good time to start that up again.

So after 2 pretty intense cardio workouts today I have to get my weights in at some point.  That seems like a nice late night workout in the comfort of the air conditioned gym with no Cicada bugs flying around and landing in our faces.  BTW...do Cicadas exist everywhere or is this just a Southeast thing?  I really would love to know the answer.  They are the most annoying little bugs ever and loud.  I never really knew how loud they were until Saturday when one broke into my car.  It nearly blew my ear drums, and then today on the run they were as loud as I have ever heard them.  I couldn't hear my watch beep over the sound of the bugs.  (Really...I just got off on a tangent about bugs but I would like to know if they are everywhere.)

Now I am trying to get geared up for my next workout.  I could easily skip it and go to bed but I want to get my weights in tonight so I don't have to do them tomorrow.  I just hope my workout buddy doesn't bail on me tonight after a hard run today.

My food has been on track the last few weeks.  I did ok for 2 weeks and last week I was on point!  Like all my meals were on track and very little cheating.  I did enjoy my cheat day on Sunday with my chocolate ice cream but was able to get right back on track this morning.  One thing I have been working really hard on is giving up my Diet drinks again.  I know I know, I give them up and then start drinking them again.  Instead of cutting the off completely I have cut down to no more than 20 ounces a day and since I can have them its not the end of the word that I am not getting them. 

I'm going to take my hot self, sore hip and all and get off here and get ready for my final workout of the day. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Race Day....And I Didn't Have to Run

Finally it's here and done.  Our 5k race to raise money for the Relay for Life was a success.  I officially have so much respect for the time keepers at races.  It is not an easy job and I just might never ever ever do it again.  So many numbers and winners, overall winners, age group winners, ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!  Over all it was a great race with good participation. 

I was so happy to see lots of my NoBo group show up!

I'm glad it was a success and I am glad that it is over.  I was getting a little bit stressed out about it and worried that I was going to make some huge mistake or forget something that was necessary and then be flustered on race morning but we had tons of help and plenty of volunteers.

Just cause the race is over unfortunately does not mean my day is over.  I would love to have the day off but I have things backed up to each other today.  I left the race because I had to go show some property....a 2 hour window before I had to be at work and then when the gym closes I have to go to a dance recital.  I'm so excited about that one.  Then back to the gym for a workout.  I did take a 15 minute break in the morning to go to a pancake breakfast only to find most everyone that had just run my race eating pancakes.

Hang on she has to wipe the pancakes off her mouth before she can smile for the picture.

Sister Finishers....

I wanted to get in two good workouts yesterday so I could skip my workout all together today but things just didn't workout as planned.  I got one good workout but I must do something today.  And I wasn't planning a workout so I have no idea what I am going to do.  I'm thinking about spinning tonight. 

I haven't decided if I am working out tomorrow...I might need to rest tomorrow since I have had one full week of 2 a days but I am on a roll and I don't really want to miss a day for fear that one little crack in what has been a good balance of diet/exercise would derail me.  Maybe I will do some work outside instead of my usual gym rat workout.

Ohhhhhh and big news so be looking out for it.  I will be doing a Giveaway of one of my favorite products coming up soon so keep checking back for an announcement.  I'm so excited....this is my first one!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Check Your Clocks

I know it’s late but I am actually at home, on my couch, watching TV and doing nothing. I have been going non-stop today and I am so happy to be home and relaxing. I wish I was in bed already but I have to do some laundry or I cannot work out tomorrow. That is the one down side to having 2 sports bras and one pair of favorite shorts....laundry. When I get back to the store that sells my shorts I am buying every single pair they have in stock. They are Moving Comfort brand....known for sports bras....but the best shorts I have had in a while.

I was able to get in both of my workouts today. I started my day off with yesterday's run. We mapped out my 5k route, exactly!!! When I was done I had to jump over to work. I finally got back to the gym around 7:30 and got my second workout in for the day. When they are 12 hours apart it makes the day seem like it goes on forever.

Tonight’s workout consisted of a lot of cardio and weights. This is the second week that I have been dedicated to my weights. I know it is important but I always seem to let those slide. I figure since my food is on track them my workouts need to be on track too!

I will get another run in the morning and hopefully a second workout if I can fit it in cause on Saturday I don’t think I will get the opportunity to step foot in the gym other than to work. I will have to do Friday and Saturday all in one day.

I am so very ready for bed now so I am going to get off of here and try to get my stuff done so I can go to BED! I hope you all had a good day....I know I did

Shameless Plugs

OK I have 2 shameless plugs today.

After my headache that I am pretty sure I was going to die with, or it was going to kill me, either way it was bad and I just knew it would never go away.   Sister #3 told me to try BC powder.  My headache was gone in a flash.  After 10 hours of pain I was able to eat and workout with no pain.  Ahhhhh the relief.  I will now be keeping BC powder with me all the time.

And my next product is something that everyone in the whole wide world needs.

Its called a Bondi Band.  I cannot wear the traditional head bands because they slip off my head but this one stays in place because of its size and is moisture wicking.  And it comes in tons of colors and with sayings.  My favorite thing is the width of this band.  It holds my hair back, very important for girls with short hair, and keeps the sweat from dripping in my eyes.  I think everyone needs 3.  One for their head, one in the wash, and one by the bathroom sink to wash their hair.

I just love this thing.  I am pretty much wearing mine all the time now.  I have two that I rotate with my 2 sports bras.  Ha ha.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Head Aches!

Sorry for not posting yesterday.  I was hoping for a night in front of the TV watching Biggest Loser but I did have ballgames, 3 to be exact so it was really late by the time I got to the gym.  So far I have seen the first 5 minutes and the last 45 minutes.  My whole yesterday was trying to workout and getting side tracked so by the time I got to the gym I was ready to break a sweat.  I met with my NoBo group but had to go early to get to the ballgames...2 Miles just didn't cut it.

I rocked some intervals on the elliptical last night and lifted weights.  Once I got home I crashed.  Oh no, I ate dinner (at 10pm) then crashed.  My food was on time yesterday and I was not about to ruin it by eating crap at the ball field so I waited.  It might have been the bestest bowl of cereal I have ever had in my life.

During all the ballgames yesterday I made an appointment to run this morning.  I was going to run the route for my 5k this weekend to make sure we had the distance.  I woke up on time and everything this morning stepped out of bed and realized that I was sick.  I had a sick headache.  I crawled back into bed for a few more minutes thinking it would go away and 15 later it was full force.  As much as I hated it, I cancelled my run.  I stayed in bed until my first appointment and just hoped it would go away.  It is now 4:30 and it still hurts.
I can actually stand up without feeling the need to puke but it still hurts. 

I will get in a workout tonight and I hate that I am only getting one but I just couldn't function this morning.

Now I have gotten some pretty cool stuff for a not go good feeling day.  Today my sisters bought me a Turvis tumbler cup in the big size.  I love my coffee cup and my 12 ouncer but this one will travel so nicely.  And my flowers that my other sister bought me for Mother's Day are blooming so I now have daisies in my yard.  (BTW:  Daisies are the greatest flowers ever)  And my 5k race shirts came in today.  They are way better than I could have expected.  Now if you want the cute shirt you will have to run the race.

Landscaping almost complete!!!!!

Ohhhhhh how cute is she!!!!!!  My little model!

I am hoping against all hope that my headache will go away long enough for me to get in a quality workout tonight.  I working out, if it hurts or not, but I think workouts should be enjoyable.  I know I enjoy most of mine and if its that bad I just wont do it.  And then tomorrow I will be making up my run that I missed today.  Sometimes things just get all backwards and mixed up but I still have to fit them in.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I Was Gonna Do Better

Well last week I vowed to do better about posting at midnight....I failed.  I have been a busy little girl today.  I wish I had been sitting down blogging but I have been 300 miles in the car and then to work. 

I had yet another doctors appointment today.  That makes like 20 in 2 weeks, but today I got a good report and had some stress lifted from my shoulders and has lifted my mood.  I was sure that something was horribly wrong but I was assured today that it wasn't so I just feel great.  My doc told me to lose weight, and I laughed under my breath, "What the hell do you think I am trying to do?"  But the appointment was so great that I considered  removing the symptom checker app from my phone.  I'm not going crazy though....

Side note:  I did however find the funniest app this weekend, actually my niece put it on my phone but it has provided some quality entertainment.  It's called iFat Face (or something like that) and it is sooooo funny.

Just posting these pictures has made me laugh again...alone...in my house...laughing hysterically!!!!  And I promised my bro-in-law I wouldn't use his...awww how sweet of me.

Ok ok, I got carried away. 

I would have been a gym rat this weekend like normal but instead I participated in feeding the masses pancakes to raise money for Relay for Life and coloring my hair.  Those 2 things took up the majority of my time this weekend.

I decided at some point last week that it might be fun to dye my hair brown...wrong...not fun at all so after 3 whole days I'm back to blond.  Blonds may be stupid, but it is sooooo much more fun.

I missed my morning workout this morning because I had that doc appt. but I ran with my NoBo group tonight.  We had one of our best times yet.  They mastered the 3.5 miles tonight.  Considering the race is only 3.1 miles I think they are way ahead of the curve.  And most of them did it with very little complaining.  The complaining was less this week because the temperature was 30 degrees less.  That is no exaggeration....last week 91 this week 60ish. 

Then I got in another workout tonight.  My late night workout buddy is abandoning me for the rest of the week so we walked and caught up on our weekend and called it a night.  I know I desperately need sleep so I was kinda relieved to have an easy one tonight. 

I'm so ready for Biggest Loser tomorrow.  I haven't checked yet but I am sure there will be some ballgame tomorrow and I will have to record it but I am going to set the VCR tonight (yes, I'm cheap and still use a VHS and VCR to record) so I make sure that I have it and don't have to wait for it to come online.  I cant find the time to blog, much less watch a 2 hour show.  In the off chance that there is no game I will be watching it from the elliptical machine tomorrow night.  I cant wait.

I must go to bed now.  I must go to bed.  Right after I get my bag together for tomorrow, eh, I would say Ill do it in the morning but I will sleep to late and then have to come back home and not be prepared like I should be so I must go....then go to bed.


Friday, May 13, 2011

My Running Buddy is On CRACK!!!!

I have had one busy busy day today.  The only time today I have sat down was in my car from one place to the other. 

My morning started way to early for normal people but after you hear about this day it makes more since of why I no longer put myself in the normal people category.  We went for our morning run bright and early.  I was just barely awake when it was time to get started.  I was still a little bit sore from the week of hard core workouts but I was feeling really good.  My running buddy on the other hand was feeling....GREAT!

She was running so fast this morning.  We went over to the hardest hill that I know of and had a little race up hills, and then when it was done as a joke I said, "Let's do it again."  And she turned around and went back up the hill.  It was like a real live energizer bunny.

Of all days, my late night workout buddy decided to crawl out of bed and run in the morning with us.  I would act like she was huffing and puffing and I was fine but I was about to die!!!!!  I asked her if she was ok and got a nod, I asked again if she was ok and got a huff the second time.  So I asked if she had any words (I wanted her to say something) and she shook her head yes....and as I was beginning to get worried I asked if I could have one of those words and I heard the softest whisper, "help!"  With that cry for help we took a little walk break.  I was so happy to get a short break, it really was a tough run.

So then I started my day.  Since it was earlier than normal I got to get to my day earlier than normal and it is actually a blessing because I would have never gotten finished with everything.  I had a showing, a doc appt. (I'm becoming a full time patient), and had to hang up a banner for our 5k race that is coming up....and so much more!

Now that the day is slowing down a bit I am getting ready for my workout.  I get to get started a little bit early this evening cause I get off work earlier on Friday nights.  Then tomorrow it all starts again, at a freakishly early time for a Saturday. 

I am ready for a workout now...ready to get this day off of me.  I'm ready to work my body to exhaustion so I can get some good sleep tonight.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Educational Week Over

Well yesterday was the last day that I had to teach class and I am a little sad about that.  I am also a little bit sore from teaching this week.  I didn't really expect that but I am sore.

Today is my day to be at the office all day long so all my workouts will be later tonight.  I would have loved to get an early workout this morning but my butt was way too sleepy to get out of bed after yesterday's workouts.  But karma came back to bite me in the tush, after the alarm went off I snoozed and went back to sleep only to be woke up by a phone call before 8am.  Really?!?!?!!

So I got up and got ready for work.  I went ahead and packed my workout bag (I have the Body Glide today) and my lunch box and headed off to work, passing the gym in the process.

This afternoon I am going for a little run with my NoBo group, but I am actually going to split from them and run to the local ball park and watch a little softball.  I figure it will kill three birds with one stone.  Get my run in and watch a ball game and save gas!  Then I will hit the gym tonight for another cardio burn before I finally get to head off to bed.

I have been going to the gym later, even on nights that I don't work because I really find it hard to sit at home and watch TV.  I have been going in the time of the shows that I like to watch so I can workout and watch my shows...  Now I just have to get there on time.  I am finally watching Biggest Loser from this week.  I started watching it with 30 minutes to go so I know how it ends, I just didn't know all the drama leading up to it.  But now I'm catching on.  I cant wait for the finale!

I have to run now and Ill be busy for the rest of the night.  Here's hoping for some good workouts this afternoon!


Courage doesn't always roar.  Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow.  ~Mary Anne Radmacher

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Let me start with this....I do not like to be hot.  But after this winter when I couldn't get warm for 4 months and marathon training in 30 degree weather I have been looking forward to some warm weather.

Over the last 3 days I have gotten exactly what I wanted.  I will be over it in a few weeks and ready for some cold again but since Monday every workout I have done has been a sweat fest.  It is so hard to workout when there is no indication that you were working hard.  That is one reason why I swim less than I should, no sweat!

And today I realized that it was officially summer.  While running this morning my arm pits are absolutely on fire.  They rub against my sports bra and make sores.  It only happens when it is really hot and sweaty and after the first time I immediately remember that my Body Glide is in my bag.

Today I have had a massive calorie burn and I am not done yet.  I got to teach the class again this morning, then went for my run, a little later and hotter than normal, and then I had to go home and mow my yard.  (Side note:  My neighbors all cheered when they heard my mower fire up....now it actually looks like someone lives at my house and not like it has been abandoned for years.) Then tonight I got to teach water aerobics.  That one was unexpected but a really good workout.  And I do it again in just a few hours. 

My food was also so much better today.  I felt like I was in control all day.  I ate my planned food today with only one exception, my first ever moon pie.  I have never eaten one in my whole life that I can remember so I ate one at work today.  Now I know what it taste like and I think I can go the rest of my life without ever eating one again. 

Now Im gearing up for my next workout, a mix of boxing and cardio.  Oh its gonna be fun!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sometimes I am Just Too Stupid to Function

Ok, I have been trying to post for the last hour, but my internet on my computer would not connect. I reset the modem and router, restarted the computer about 3 times and nothing. Then I realized....the wireless switch on the computer was turned off, so it was not even looking for a network to connect to. Duh?!?!?! I was getting ready to call my internet company and report a problem. I am SOOOOO glad I didn’t!!!! How embarrassing would that have been.

Ok, now away from my stupidity.....

Wow. I have had a busy day and have some pretty good news. I am not getting too excited about it yet but it is definitely a step in the right direction. I took my orthos advice and went to see my chiropractor. Another round of X-rays and he said that I seemed to have a slightly compressed disc. It was not bad but definitely smashed a little bit. So he adjusted me (or smashed me) and sent me on my merry way with another appointment.

To be honest I didn’t think this would work. I just couldn’t imagine that popping my back would make a difference. Amazingly enough, right now, I am feeling better. Most of the groin pain is gone and the hip pain is lessened. I can still feel it but it is soooooooo much better than it was when I woke up this morning. I hope this will do the trick!

I have stayed true to what I said yesterday. I decided that I was going to work out like I wanted if my hip was going to hurt anyway might as well. Well that is exactly what I did today. I didn’t have a hour that I could go and hang out to the gym but I had a few 20-30 minutes periods that I could get there. So I had 2 short but very intense workouts today.

I did a little spin workout and an interval elliptical workout. I watched the last 30 minutes of the Biggest Loser while on the elliptical. It was such a hard workout and I was doing a little grunting and groaning, then something on the show would happen and I would moan or yell at the TV...the people in the room with me now officially think I’m crazy!!!! They are not too far off.

I have not watched the entire episode of Biggest Loser yet but I am looking forward to it. I basically saw the end and realized that I missed a whole lot of stuff.

I also did so much better on my food today. I may have overeaten a bit at dinner but I wasn’t miserably full or anything just maybe one too many mashed potatoes. I still think I am in the negative for the day. I’m am finally getting all the pieces of the diet/exercise puzzle back into place. It feels good to have a since of control again. And hopefully with my new found will power I won’t have to get back on track again anytime soon.

I have another day full of work and workouts tomorrow and I have already washed my clothes and packed my food, now I’m just hoping I can sleep in my steamy hot house.

Night all!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hope It Was Wonderful

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend this weekend!

I was hoping to post earlier today but I just didn't have it in me until now.  I am on an endorphin high right now so I figured this was the best time. 

Today was results day from my hip MRI.  I have been a nervous wreck about this stupid doc appointment all weekend long.  I actually had bad dreams about it last night....so bad that I shall not repeat them.  Anyway, my appointment was not until later in the day so I got up and did some working out before hand. 

This morning I had the pleasure of teaching the morning toning class at the gym.  I am just the fill-in help when they need someone but I really like this group of ladies (I think they told the men they weren't invited.)  It's a lot of older ladies so lots of people think this workout is not intense.  THEY ARE WRONG!!! These ladies work hard for one hour (ok, 55 minutes because they take the longest water break ever), I know I was in a full out sweat by the end of the workout.

Then I met my running buddy so we could map out our route for the No Bo meeting tonight.  It was later than we normally run so it was a little hotter, like 90 degrees hotter, but still a nice little stroll.  We had to stop about every quarter of a mile to mark the road so there were lots of breaks.

I then bolted back to the gym to get dressed and head to my ortho appointment.  I have been so many time they are thinking about jetting me in so I don't have to drive anymore.  I didn't know what to hope for.  Of course I want nothing serious to be wrong, but I wanted an explanation to why my hip has hurt for 6 weeks.  When I got there today, he walked in and told me, "There is nothing wrong with your hip."  I could have cried....right there at that moment I don't know how I didn't.  I know something is wrong, there has to be for it to hurt like this for so long.  Especially after I have taken it easy for the last week and a half in an attempt to make it feel better.  I didn't wake up one day and say to myself, I think I will come up with a phantom pain so that I can drive to M'boro and back every week for the rest of my life. 

I guess I am glad there is nothing wrong with my hip but I want to know why it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The only other suggestion he had was that maybe something is wrong in my back and that is causing strain on my hip.  So now I am going to the chiro to be adjusted and then if no relief I get to have yet another MRI!  Eh, how many times insurance will cover this procedure in one year!

So now that I have taken it easy for a week, I feel fat as a cow, there is no more easy workouts.  I am going back to my usual intense workouts.  Running faster, jumping, 2 a days, and all the things that I haven't been doing.  If it hurts my hip who gives a crap because there is nothing wrong with it!

Ok, my whine fest is over, maybe. 

This afternoon it was time for the group run with the No Bo group.  I just thought it was hot this morning....wow was I wrong.  Despite the blistering heat it was a spectacular run.  I had two women that ran with me the whole time.  We did our 3:1 intervals and after the second mile I actually gave them a mini walk break because it was soooooo hot.  One of the girls with me told me that she couldn't do the intervals the entire trip....guess what?!?!?!  I just love it when people push themselves further and realize what they are capable of!  We finished our 3 miles in one of our best times yet.  Just under 41 minutes.  These girls are going to be ready for our 5k on Memorial Day. 

I have one more workout tonight and since I am back in the workout grove we are going to make this one just as intense as the others.  I am making up for a week of hardly any workouts.  I haven't even decided what it will be tonight but I have 2 hours and 25 minutes to come up with something....and I think that is enough time to plan something good.

I'm glad I waited to post because if I had posted earlier it would have been nothing but bitching....at least now it was shortened to 2 paragraphs.

Friday, May 6, 2011

MRI Extravaganza

You know it is always fun experience to have test run.  Especially those that require you to lay in a position that hurts really bad and shove your oversize body in a slightly bigger tube.

I kid I kid.  This is like the gazillionth MRI I have had done but this is the first one that I have ever had to go into the tube.  For the most part they have been on my knee so I only had to go waist deep.

It was actually a pretty cool thing.  I was a little worried when I saw the hole that I had to squeeze through but the tech assured me that I would fit.  I think my nose was about 2 inches from the top.

Anyway, I was hurting pretty good once the test was over.  I had been in the car for a while, then back to the car for another hour or so.

I got home in time to do an afternoon run.  It was a 3 miler this week and I ran a little faster than I have in a while.  About mile 2 my legs were really starting to hurt.  Mile 3 I was so ready for it to be over.  And since then I have been in a steady stream of pain.  I am hoping to have a little bit of hot tub time today without any pool time. 

I get the result on Monday and I don't really even know what to expect at this point.  I just want to stop hurting.

I hope to get in a workout tonight but I will only get one today.  Well, one and a soak in the hot tub!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A New Find

I have finally figured out how I like to eat on the mornings before I run or have a morning workout.  I just have to share a new product that I have found and I love.

I usually eat a small snack before I run and then eat my breakfast when I am finished.  I have tried everything before I run, from toast to fruit, cereal (milk not a good idea before a run.)

My new find, a Z Bar by the makers of Clif Bars.  I have enjoyed Clif bars for years but they just seemed to big for pre-run food.  These Z Bars are a wonderful compromise.  They taste great, have about half the calories and don't fill up the belly to the point that is uncomfortable.

Some days I actually eat about half before my run and then eat the other half for the afternoon snack.

I just had to share my new find because I just know you will love them too....especially if you like the original Clif Bar.

Feelin' Pretty Darn Good

Today has been a pretty relax pretty standard day.

But let me start with last night and Biggest Loser.  It has been forever since I gave a Biggest Loser update because it has been forever since I actually sat down and watched the show on the day and time that it was televised.  So last night was makeover show...woooo hoooo...one of my faves of the season.  I wish some of my favorites had still been there but none of my faves are even left.  This was probably the least popular makeover show since they started.  I just didn't think anyone was a show stopper like they usually are. 

I like Olivia and her short hair after she fixed it herself.  When she walked out from the makeover I thought they had ruined her and made her look 10 years older but the next day it was darling.  That being said she is becoming my new pick.  I didn't really like her in the beginning and I'm still not sure that I do but of the 5 left I think I am going with her and Austin.  I just want her to stop talking!!!!!!!  She just says the same things over and over and over again.  I'm really just ready for the finale so I can see how good Jen looks!

Well yesterday I had two sessions in the pool to reduce the impact on the hip and still get a good workout.  By the time I got home my hair was just fried from all the chlorine.  My hair has struggled all week with loss of body so I figured just screw it and I did an overall conditioner on the whole thing.  That usually kills my volume....not this time.  When I got up the morning and started to fix my hair it spiked straight up with no help from product or anything.  It kinda spiked beyond control today.  I just wish I could show you but I'm not posting this craziness online.

Last night after the 1 hour Biggest Loser was over I planned out my food today.  This is part of why today has been so good.  I have wanted pizza for over a week now and just haven't had the chance to eat it.  So I planned my food out today with pizza for lunch.  It fell into my calorie count and tasted so good.  You know I'm not a fan of completely cutting anything out! 

I will only get one workout in today but I have a feeling it is going to be a good one.  We missed Monday, remember, cause my workout buddy is a Wimp but I have high hopes for tonight. 

Good food and the hope of a good workout!  That's a pretty darn good day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Little Bit Goatish!

In my family when the kids come in from a long day of playing hard outside they have the slight smell of a goat...well today, I have done all of my workouts in a high sweat situation and I am smelling a bit goatish.  I missed my morning run this morning but I knew I had NoBo this afternoon so I was going to get a run in.  I was not too disappointed. 

I didn't have any workouts planned before 5:30pm.  I was beginning to feel like a lazy bum then it was time to run.  We headed out for a 3 mile run today.  The distance is getting longer and longer and the group is still doing great.  I am still pretty proud of them. 

After the run my late night workout buddy and I decided we were just going to lift tonight since she had 2 hours of cardio under her belt.  UM, well our decision was in vain because she ended up cancelling on me...wimp!  I can forgive anyone after 2 hours of cardio, maybe, or Wednesday will be torture!!!!  Who knows???

Well by the end of the day I still needed to do just a bit more, my 3 miles just didn't seem like enough for the day.  So with my hip pain, yes it still hurts but Ill get to that in a second, I chose a non-impact exercise.  I wanted a solid 30 minutes on the spin bike.

Just so you know....the low impact bike, not good for the hip.  The workout was great but the hip pain was out of this world when I got done.  I know the workout was a good one because I shed every layer I could and still be decent. 

I still have hip pain so I called the doc today to get it checked out again.  This time I will have to have another MRI.  That makes 2 this year.  I have gone over and over this in my mind.  I just couldn't decide whether or not to go back to the doc....I needed someone to tell me what to do.  Its beginning to worry me and I have to know what is going on.

Now I am finally home and ready for bed.  As much as I would like to just crawl in I have got to get in the shower before I can get in my clean bed.  And I have to get a little bit re-hydrated.  The run was outside in the heat of the day and the sweat was pouring during the bike session.  I need WATER!

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a hard core work and workout day.  I need some big calorie burn days this week.

Nighty night peeps.
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