Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Bad Run

Well today really wasn't my day for running.  I have not had a really bad running day in quite a while, maybe a slow run or a day that I cant seem to catch my breath but today I was struggling from the word go.  At one point I contemplated going back to the gym and just quitting it for the day.  I knew I was slowing down everyone that was running with me and it sucks to make someone else have a slow day when they want to go.

I did finish the run this morning and all I wanted to do when it was over was lay down and go to sleep.  I was just so blue when it was done!

I woke up a little bit sore from my HIITs class and I am hoping that is what is to blame for a bad running day but now that it is over I am glad that I finished it and didn't quit.  Maybe Friday will be a good run. 

I wont get another workout until late this evening with my workout buddy, who by the way I am very mad at.  I have been working on a special workout for her tonight because I am angry and it will be like a bit of punishment.  Ha Ha Ha (imagine evil voice here)  She came and ran this morning and I informed her that she was "on my list" but I couldn't waste that energy while running so for the 4 miles I was not mad but once we were done, back to it.  (Don't Tell:  I'm really not that mad at her but she was a secret keeper and this is her punishment.) 

And so far today has been another good day on the diet front.  I am almost at 2 weeks of quality food and if not healthy it was factored into the daily caloric plan so I am not over my calorie limit for the day.  (I might be doing so good because I cannot find the time to eat.  I have been working on my current banana for the last hour and Im still not done with it.)

I have done so good on my diet that I went and purchased myself a new lunchbox today.  It is very 80's inspired with a Rainbow Bright rainbow across the front and will up to 12 can drinks, just imagine how much fruit I can get in that.  My lunch box has been packed to the gills, especially on days that I have to pack my lunch and dinner.  I put everything in its own container so nothing gets yuck before I have to eat it.  Now I can get all my containers and drinks in the same lunchbox and not have to carry a lunchbox and a bag. 


Jane said...

I think I may need one of those lunchboxes!

Traci said...

I'm lovin' the sound of that lunch box. Bad! I'm in the midst of a slump of bad runs. New shoes messing with my calves. Trying something new tonight.

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