Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Biggest Loser Finale

Well in the first 15 minutes we just knew that the winner was going to be a woman.  But unfortunately for me I didn't like any of the women in the final 3.  My pick of the 3 of them ended up winning and I was pretty happy about that.  They force us to wait till the last moments of the show to find out who won and they almost missed it last night because they couldn't get Hannah and Olivia to stop talking....the trend continues.

The biggest shocker for me was the at home winner.  Talk about coming out of no where.  I didn't really think Deni was a threat on campus and especially not once she got home but she came back with flying colors.  Another one that I must say looked great was Justin.  I almost didn't recognize him or the Pink team girls they had been replaced by look a likes.  The pink team daughter was looking really good at the finale.

I was impressed that so many of them had a big weight loss.  Sometimes at the finale they come back and they just could have done more and there were only a handful of people that I felt that way about at this finale.  Q and his wife....I wish they had lost more, but the shocker for me was Courtney.  We know, we know, she lost 100 lbs on her own so I was just expecting great things from her at the finale.  I don't know if y'all noticed but she lost 10 pounds since she left the ranch.  She has been gone for quite a while now and I just assumed she would have a bigger number.

Then my final analysis and I hope to have some pictures on this one tomorrow but what is the deal with the tight clothing?  I have complained the entire season about Allison Sweeney's clothing being too tight and the wardrobe dept kept it up last night.  All the clothes were too tight and too short.  Hannah couldn't lift her arm up to wave without her goodies getting out the bottom of her dress.   Come on now they would look so much better if the clothes were just a size bigger.  There is no need for them to be sooooooo tight.  And the most inappropriate dress of all was the new trainer Cara.  She looked like she had a belly and surely they would have said if she was pregnant, but of all people wouldn't you want your trainers to look better than anyone else.  

Clothes so tight they leave nothing to the imagination.

I already cant wait for the next season to start but I hope I actually like more of the contestant on the next season than I did this one.  I really only liked about 3 of them and one of them quit.  For the most part I think the season was a good one and I, for one, am ready to go again.

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