Friday, May 27, 2011


All about dessert today at the Kelly's Korner Blog hop.  I enjoy eating desserts but for me I most make the birthday cake and its rarely from scratch.  Its way more about the decoration than the actual cake.

I talk about food a lot on my blog but it is very rare that I can share some out of the ordinary great recipe that makes everyone I know that eats it just melt.  I have done an expose on my World Famous Fruit Bowl which is still the best dessert I make and a healthy option for everyone. 

Today is another super easy dessert but healthy and really fun to eat.  My sister actually showed me this and I have no idea where she learned it but she doesn't have a blog so I am taking the credit.

Step 1:  Slice up an apple really really really thin.  As small as you can get it.  If you have one of those peeler, corer, slicer deals that works great just don't peel the apple. 

Step 2:  Spread the apple on a cookie sheet with no 2 pieces overlapping.

Step 3:  Take an empty salt shaker and fill it with powder jello mix.  In my house there is always a salt shaker dedicated to dry jello.

Step 4:  Sprinkle the jello over the apple slices and enjoy! 

I know it sounds a little quirky and weird but it is quite possible the bestest treat ever.  You can also sprinkle jello over grapes and chill.  My niece loves this one.  Either way you are going to have jello stained fingers for a few days but it is sooooooo worth it. 

Other than the jello apple my only other dessert is real fruit juice popsicle and I really don't think I can take credit for freezing liquid! 


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