Thursday, May 12, 2011

Educational Week Over

Well yesterday was the last day that I had to teach class and I am a little sad about that.  I am also a little bit sore from teaching this week.  I didn't really expect that but I am sore.

Today is my day to be at the office all day long so all my workouts will be later tonight.  I would have loved to get an early workout this morning but my butt was way too sleepy to get out of bed after yesterday's workouts.  But karma came back to bite me in the tush, after the alarm went off I snoozed and went back to sleep only to be woke up by a phone call before 8am.  Really?!?!?!!

So I got up and got ready for work.  I went ahead and packed my workout bag (I have the Body Glide today) and my lunch box and headed off to work, passing the gym in the process.

This afternoon I am going for a little run with my NoBo group, but I am actually going to split from them and run to the local ball park and watch a little softball.  I figure it will kill three birds with one stone.  Get my run in and watch a ball game and save gas!  Then I will hit the gym tonight for another cardio burn before I finally get to head off to bed.

I have been going to the gym later, even on nights that I don't work because I really find it hard to sit at home and watch TV.  I have been going in the time of the shows that I like to watch so I can workout and watch my shows...  Now I just have to get there on time.  I am finally watching Biggest Loser from this week.  I started watching it with 30 minutes to go so I know how it ends, I just didn't know all the drama leading up to it.  But now I'm catching on.  I cant wait for the finale!

I have to run now and Ill be busy for the rest of the night.  Here's hoping for some good workouts this afternoon!

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