Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Let me start with this....I do not like to be hot.  But after this winter when I couldn't get warm for 4 months and marathon training in 30 degree weather I have been looking forward to some warm weather.

Over the last 3 days I have gotten exactly what I wanted.  I will be over it in a few weeks and ready for some cold again but since Monday every workout I have done has been a sweat fest.  It is so hard to workout when there is no indication that you were working hard.  That is one reason why I swim less than I should, no sweat!

And today I realized that it was officially summer.  While running this morning my arm pits are absolutely on fire.  They rub against my sports bra and make sores.  It only happens when it is really hot and sweaty and after the first time I immediately remember that my Body Glide is in my bag.

Today I have had a massive calorie burn and I am not done yet.  I got to teach the class again this morning, then went for my run, a little later and hotter than normal, and then I had to go home and mow my yard.  (Side note:  My neighbors all cheered when they heard my mower fire it actually looks like someone lives at my house and not like it has been abandoned for years.) Then tonight I got to teach water aerobics.  That one was unexpected but a really good workout.  And I do it again in just a few hours. 

My food was also so much better today.  I felt like I was in control all day.  I ate my planned food today with only one exception, my first ever moon pie.  I have never eaten one in my whole life that I can remember so I ate one at work today.  Now I know what it taste like and I think I can go the rest of my life without ever eating one again. 

Now Im gearing up for my next workout, a mix of boxing and cardio.  Oh its gonna be fun!!!!!!!!!

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