Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

I don't know about y'all but I have been a busy little girl this weekend!  Not anything work related....oh no....for the first time all in a long time all the stars aligned and I had the entire weekend off of work so I filled it with 3 days of absolute fun in the sun (literally!)  Let me just tell you all about it.
On Saturday I got up pretty early for the day off because I needed to do just a little bit of yard work and I didn't want that hanging over my head all weekend long.  I just wanted to have fun.  I was amazed at how hot it was!  (By the way, the heat is going to be a recurring theme throughout this entire post)  I headed out to the ball park for a baseball game.  Then I pretty much moved into my sisters pool for the rest of the weekend. 

Funny!!!!!!  I discovered my sister is terrified of the annoying cicadas that I have told you about.  I just so happened to get a video of her running from the bugs and it is HIsterical! 

I got just a little bit of a sunburn on Saturday afternoon but it really wasn't that bad.  I spent most of the time in the pool because it was just too hot to sit outside.

We all purchased a tank top all to make fun of one brother in law.....I do not wear tank tops.  Oh, it was too funny!

This was sister 2's weekend to be the funny one.  She was a fanny pack away from being the theme park mom!  Please not the waterproof canister around her neck.  Hello 1992!

On Sunday morning we had another fun filled day planned.  Canoe the River.  This is one of my favorite things ever.   I didn't get to go at all last year at all so I was so excited.  And I am considering my canoe trip a workout because I got in a boat with two younger guys that never paddled and I was ok with that.  After canoeing I was officially sunburned and HOT!  Hot hot hot!  I went back the pool and crashed there for the rest of the afternoon.  I played a game in the pool and got elbowed and kicked in the face twice in about 2 minutes.  By the time I got home I crashed out.  I fell asleep in the middle of a text conversation.  I am so happy that I set my alarm when I got home because I had to be up early this morning for my Memorial Day race, excuse me, races.

I woke up early this morning, yet again, and headed off to race day.  I was not feeling very well on the way down there.  I was just not thinking running was going to be very fun today.  Then when I got there I had to park forever away and about half way to the start line I realized that I left my race numbers in the car.  Uh, not my day.  My belly hurt, my sports bra was rubbing my sunburn, just not my day!

Well it turned around pretty quick.  I found one of my NoBo girls and gave her my second race number and got in line to run just minutes before the gun sounded. 

Bang Bang the race as underway.  About 2 miles into the race I started to feel better.  I don't know what changed but I just got a second wind.  It was starting to get warm but I was ready to run...I just wish I had felt that way from the get go because I would have had a much better time. 

Towards the end of the race there was this one guy who was yelling at this girl to run faster and trying to be encouraging but it came off as obnoxious.  I rallied another runner to tackle him so I could rip his tongue out so he would shut up, but we were faster than him so we just let it go.  Then about 50 feet from the finish line I saw some of my family and about 10 feet from them I saw my No Bo group cheering.  I could tell they were so excited to be there and ready to run.  I was ready to go again and I wasn't even done with the first race yet.

I had a small rest between race one and race two and I am pretty sure that in that half an hour it got 30 degrees hotter.  By the time we started running it had to be close to 85 degrees and not a bit of shade in site.  I ran this race with some of my No Bo girls and had fun, despite the heat.  Everyone Finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was sooooo proud of my team for fighting through the heat and crowd and pushing through the pain.  I know I was soaking wet when the race was over.  All I wanted was water and air conditioning.  I got water and a bathing suit and headed back to the pool. 

Swimming suit photo, I just cant get Sports Illustrated to stop calling!

Now my weary body is ready for bed.  I want to take a bath in lotion and ice and then sleep until I cannot sleep anymore.  I hope you holiday weekend was as full and wonderful as mine.

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