Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Surrender, I Give Up, I Give In

I AM HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today has not been my best day.  I got hot over the weekend and I still have not recovered from it.  I have not felt well all day long and just could not get cool.  So....I turned on my air conditioner.  I can usually make it way further into the summer but not this year.  I gave up and turned it on before June!!!!

So in order to beat the heat tomorrow we have decided to run early in the morning so we don't end up with the same temp as Monday's race.  I am glad to get it in before the heat but I don't want to wake  up early.

I do need a workout....I skipped my workout today.  All joking about the heat aside, I really haven't felt all that well today and thought it would be a nice day to rest and recoup instead of pushing it and really making myself sick.  So tomorrow we start the day off early with a run and have plenty of time to get in a second workout for the day.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow and enter to win the Bondi Band.  Yeah my first giveaway!!!!

Night! (I have to go to sleep so I don't oversleep in the morning.)

1 comment:

Emily said...

yeah man this heat makes it rough and im not even running yet, just walking still!

how do you make the bust through in to running? i am still out of breath when i walk!

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