Monday, May 16, 2011

I Was Gonna Do Better

Well last week I vowed to do better about posting at midnight....I failed.  I have been a busy little girl today.  I wish I had been sitting down blogging but I have been 300 miles in the car and then to work. 

I had yet another doctors appointment today.  That makes like 20 in 2 weeks, but today I got a good report and had some stress lifted from my shoulders and has lifted my mood.  I was sure that something was horribly wrong but I was assured today that it wasn't so I just feel great.  My doc told me to lose weight, and I laughed under my breath, "What the hell do you think I am trying to do?"  But the appointment was so great that I considered  removing the symptom checker app from my phone.  I'm not going crazy though....

Side note:  I did however find the funniest app this weekend, actually my niece put it on my phone but it has provided some quality entertainment.  It's called iFat Face (or something like that) and it is sooooo funny.

Just posting these pictures has made me laugh my house...laughing hysterically!!!!  And I promised my bro-in-law I wouldn't use his...awww how sweet of me.

Ok ok, I got carried away. 

I would have been a gym rat this weekend like normal but instead I participated in feeding the masses pancakes to raise money for Relay for Life and coloring my hair.  Those 2 things took up the majority of my time this weekend.

I decided at some point last week that it might be fun to dye my hair brown...wrong...not fun at all so after 3 whole days I'm back to blond.  Blonds may be stupid, but it is sooooo much more fun.

I missed my morning workout this morning because I had that doc appt. but I ran with my NoBo group tonight.  We had one of our best times yet.  They mastered the 3.5 miles tonight.  Considering the race is only 3.1 miles I think they are way ahead of the curve.  And most of them did it with very little complaining.  The complaining was less this week because the temperature was 30 degrees less.  That is no exaggeration....last week 91 this week 60ish. 

Then I got in another workout tonight.  My late night workout buddy is abandoning me for the rest of the week so we walked and caught up on our weekend and called it a night.  I know I desperately need sleep so I was kinda relieved to have an easy one tonight. 

I'm so ready for Biggest Loser tomorrow.  I haven't checked yet but I am sure there will be some ballgame tomorrow and I will have to record it but I am going to set the VCR tonight (yes, I'm cheap and still use a VHS and VCR to record) so I make sure that I have it and don't have to wait for it to come online.  I cant find the time to blog, much less watch a 2 hour show.  In the off chance that there is no game I will be watching it from the elliptical machine tomorrow night.  I cant wait.

I must go to bed now.  I must go to bed.  Right after I get my bag together for tomorrow, eh, I would say Ill do it in the morning but I will sleep to late and then have to come back home and not be prepared like I should be so I must go....then go to bed.


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Jane said...

That is hilarious! The pictures and you laughing all by yourself. ;)

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