Monday, May 2, 2011

A Little Bit Goatish!

In my family when the kids come in from a long day of playing hard outside they have the slight smell of a goat...well today, I have done all of my workouts in a high sweat situation and I am smelling a bit goatish.  I missed my morning run this morning but I knew I had NoBo this afternoon so I was going to get a run in.  I was not too disappointed. 

I didn't have any workouts planned before 5:30pm.  I was beginning to feel like a lazy bum then it was time to run.  We headed out for a 3 mile run today.  The distance is getting longer and longer and the group is still doing great.  I am still pretty proud of them. 

After the run my late night workout buddy and I decided we were just going to lift tonight since she had 2 hours of cardio under her belt.  UM, well our decision was in vain because she ended up cancelling on me...wimp!  I can forgive anyone after 2 hours of cardio, maybe, or Wednesday will be torture!!!!  Who knows???

Well by the end of the day I still needed to do just a bit more, my 3 miles just didn't seem like enough for the day.  So with my hip pain, yes it still hurts but Ill get to that in a second, I chose a non-impact exercise.  I wanted a solid 30 minutes on the spin bike.

Just so you know....the low impact bike, not good for the hip.  The workout was great but the hip pain was out of this world when I got done.  I know the workout was a good one because I shed every layer I could and still be decent. 

I still have hip pain so I called the doc today to get it checked out again.  This time I will have to have another MRI.  That makes 2 this year.  I have gone over and over this in my mind.  I just couldn't decide whether or not to go back to the doc....I needed someone to tell me what to do.  Its beginning to worry me and I have to know what is going on.

Now I am finally home and ready for bed.  As much as I would like to just crawl in I have got to get in the shower before I can get in my clean bed.  And I have to get a little bit re-hydrated.  The run was outside in the heat of the day and the sweat was pouring during the bike session.  I need WATER!

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a hard core work and workout day.  I need some big calorie burn days this week.

Nighty night peeps.

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