Friday, May 6, 2011

MRI Extravaganza

You know it is always fun experience to have test run.  Especially those that require you to lay in a position that hurts really bad and shove your oversize body in a slightly bigger tube.

I kid I kid.  This is like the gazillionth MRI I have had done but this is the first one that I have ever had to go into the tube.  For the most part they have been on my knee so I only had to go waist deep.

It was actually a pretty cool thing.  I was a little worried when I saw the hole that I had to squeeze through but the tech assured me that I would fit.  I think my nose was about 2 inches from the top.

Anyway, I was hurting pretty good once the test was over.  I had been in the car for a while, then back to the car for another hour or so.

I got home in time to do an afternoon run.  It was a 3 miler this week and I ran a little faster than I have in a while.  About mile 2 my legs were really starting to hurt.  Mile 3 I was so ready for it to be over.  And since then I have been in a steady stream of pain.  I am hoping to have a little bit of hot tub time today without any pool time. 

I get the result on Monday and I don't really even know what to expect at this point.  I just want to stop hurting.

I hope to get in a workout tonight but I will only get one today.  Well, one and a soak in the hot tub!!!!

1 comment:

Adalita said...

I hate confined spaces, I hope your MRI results give you an insight into the pain. Good on you for pushing through the pain and doing a workout on top! AWESOME!

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