Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Head Aches!

Sorry for not posting yesterday.  I was hoping for a night in front of the TV watching Biggest Loser but I did have ballgames, 3 to be exact so it was really late by the time I got to the gym.  So far I have seen the first 5 minutes and the last 45 minutes.  My whole yesterday was trying to workout and getting side tracked so by the time I got to the gym I was ready to break a sweat.  I met with my NoBo group but had to go early to get to the ballgames...2 Miles just didn't cut it.

I rocked some intervals on the elliptical last night and lifted weights.  Once I got home I crashed.  Oh no, I ate dinner (at 10pm) then crashed.  My food was on time yesterday and I was not about to ruin it by eating crap at the ball field so I waited.  It might have been the bestest bowl of cereal I have ever had in my life.

During all the ballgames yesterday I made an appointment to run this morning.  I was going to run the route for my 5k this weekend to make sure we had the distance.  I woke up on time and everything this morning stepped out of bed and realized that I was sick.  I had a sick headache.  I crawled back into bed for a few more minutes thinking it would go away and 15 later it was full force.  As much as I hated it, I cancelled my run.  I stayed in bed until my first appointment and just hoped it would go away.  It is now 4:30 and it still hurts.
I can actually stand up without feeling the need to puke but it still hurts. 

I will get in a workout tonight and I hate that I am only getting one but I just couldn't function this morning.

Now I have gotten some pretty cool stuff for a not go good feeling day.  Today my sisters bought me a Turvis tumbler cup in the big size.  I love my coffee cup and my 12 ouncer but this one will travel so nicely.  And my flowers that my other sister bought me for Mother's Day are blooming so I now have daisies in my yard.  (BTW:  Daisies are the greatest flowers ever)  And my 5k race shirts came in today.  They are way better than I could have expected.  Now if you want the cute shirt you will have to run the race.

Landscaping almost complete!!!!!

Ohhhhhh how cute is she!!!!!!  My little model!

I am hoping against all hope that my headache will go away long enough for me to get in a quality workout tonight.  I working out, if it hurts or not, but I think workouts should be enjoyable.  I know I enjoy most of mine and if its that bad I just wont do it.  And then tomorrow I will be making up my run that I missed today.  Sometimes things just get all backwards and mixed up but I still have to fit them in.

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