Friday, May 13, 2011

My Running Buddy is On CRACK!!!!

I have had one busy busy day today.  The only time today I have sat down was in my car from one place to the other. 

My morning started way to early for normal people but after you hear about this day it makes more since of why I no longer put myself in the normal people category.  We went for our morning run bright and early.  I was just barely awake when it was time to get started.  I was still a little bit sore from the week of hard core workouts but I was feeling really good.  My running buddy on the other hand was feeling....GREAT!

She was running so fast this morning.  We went over to the hardest hill that I know of and had a little race up hills, and then when it was done as a joke I said, "Let's do it again."  And she turned around and went back up the hill.  It was like a real live energizer bunny.

Of all days, my late night workout buddy decided to crawl out of bed and run in the morning with us.  I would act like she was huffing and puffing and I was fine but I was about to die!!!!!  I asked her if she was ok and got a nod, I asked again if she was ok and got a huff the second time.  So I asked if she had any words (I wanted her to say something) and she shook her head yes....and as I was beginning to get worried I asked if I could have one of those words and I heard the softest whisper, "help!"  With that cry for help we took a little walk break.  I was so happy to get a short break, it really was a tough run.

So then I started my day.  Since it was earlier than normal I got to get to my day earlier than normal and it is actually a blessing because I would have never gotten finished with everything.  I had a showing, a doc appt. (I'm becoming a full time patient), and had to hang up a banner for our 5k race that is coming up....and so much more!

Now that the day is slowing down a bit I am getting ready for my workout.  I get to get started a little bit early this evening cause I get off work earlier on Friday nights.  Then tomorrow it all starts again, at a freakishly early time for a Saturday. 

I am ready for a workout now...ready to get this day off of me.  I'm ready to work my body to exhaustion so I can get some good sleep tonight.


Jane said...

Do I know this on crack running buddy of yours??? :)

Emily said...

You might know her...I'm just not sure! Would you like to come up this weekend and run a 5k race. We are looking for some runners.

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