Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Run, Intervals, and a SEASON FINALE

Does everyone know what tonight is?  That's right, its the Biggest Loser Finale and I cannot wait.  I am actually going to a Biggest Loser finale party, this is the same one that I won the grand prize at last year.  We play a little game where you guess the weights and if you win you get a fun little prize.

It seems like this season has been forever long.  I know I had a crazy last couple of months but it has just been on forever.  I am finally caught up with all the episodes I have missed (I think) and I am ready for tonight.

I really don't care who wins but I figure since I have need to pick a winner I am going to have to cheer for the Opera girl.  I don't like her sister cause she had the "Poor pitiful fat me cant do anything because I'm fat" and I do not have much sympathy for that.  Now she can do anything...she could have done it before she just chose not too.  And of course I want Green team dad to get into the finale and I want green team girl to take the at home money.  She was by far my favorite!

All my workouts today are going to be this afternoon.  I didn't have a chance for a morning workout but I have a run this afternoon and then I am finally getting back to the HIITS class that I like so much but have missed for the last 3 weeks cause my Tuesdays are usually swimming then running and I cant get back in time for it.  But my swimming buddy is taking the summer off so I have the time today...yeah!

After my class I must run home quickly and get ready for my party.  As much as I don't care about being dirty and smelly and gross the others may have a problem with it.  And I need to fix something to eat for the party.  I have a watermelon at home that I am thinking about cutting up and bringing cause its a good snack and I don't want to cook anything.  Is that awful?

With Biggest Loser ending I was afraid I was going to have no Weight Loss show to watch and then ABC has come through and are doing an Extreme Makeover show about weight loss.  It will hold me over until they bring my Biggest Loser back.

I think it just might be a good one!

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