Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shameless Plugs

OK I have 2 shameless plugs today.

After my headache that I am pretty sure I was going to die with, or it was going to kill me, either way it was bad and I just knew it would never go away.   Sister #3 told me to try BC powder.  My headache was gone in a flash.  After 10 hours of pain I was able to eat and workout with no pain.  Ahhhhh the relief.  I will now be keeping BC powder with me all the time.

And my next product is something that everyone in the whole wide world needs.

Its called a Bondi Band.  I cannot wear the traditional head bands because they slip off my head but this one stays in place because of its size and is moisture wicking.  And it comes in tons of colors and with sayings.  My favorite thing is the width of this band.  It holds my hair back, very important for girls with short hair, and keeps the sweat from dripping in my eyes.  I think everyone needs 3.  One for their head, one in the wash, and one by the bathroom sink to wash their hair.

I just love this thing.  I am pretty much wearing mine all the time now.  I have two that I rotate with my 2 sports bras.  Ha ha.

1 comment:

LaraG said...

I LOVE my bondi bands! I can't run without them anymore!

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