Monday, May 23, 2011

So Long

I had a weekend of very few workouts and very many other things to do.  Ha Ha!  Apparently I am trying to make it all up in one day.  Not intentionally but that is how is seems to be going.

This morning I met with my running partner.  We were both pooped from the weekend but we did get a decent run.  That and we both knew we were going to have to run again this afternoon with our NoBo group so no need to overdo it first thing in the morning.  It was nice and warm this morning when we took off to run.  I will say this one time because in about 5 minutes I am going to start complaining about the heat and continue to complain about it all summer long.....but the heat felt good this morning.

After my run I got to be babysitter extraordinaire and then go swimming.  Not the workout kinda swimming but the splashing, diving board, water way to cold but so nice on a hot day swimming.  This was my first swim of the summer.  I was just practicing for Memorial Day because I will have the day off and I plan on spending the entire day in the pool.  But while I was at the pool I made a critical mistake that I didn't know was a critical mistake till I had already done it.  I ran and jumped off the diving board, and the pain in my hip is BACK!!!!!!  I should have known better.  It was finally feeling a little bit better and then I did something stupid, urgggg, I am so mad at myself.

Then this afternoon it was our last NoBo meeting.  I have had the best time with this group but I am ready for the final run.  I know these guys are going to do great.  One girl that I have run with nearly every single week finished our training run today in under 40 minutes.  Big goal for her.  I just know they are ready for this race and they will do so good.  This week they get to start to taper off and everyone seemed pretty excited about it. 

Just moments after we discussed tapering off my running buddy and I decided this would be the greatest time in the world to start running steps again.  We stopped doing that regularly before 2011 and now that it is burning hot seems like a good time to start that up again.

So after 2 pretty intense cardio workouts today I have to get my weights in at some point.  That seems like a nice late night workout in the comfort of the air conditioned gym with no Cicada bugs flying around and landing in our faces. Cicadas exist everywhere or is this just a Southeast thing?  I really would love to know the answer.  They are the most annoying little bugs ever and loud.  I never really knew how loud they were until Saturday when one broke into my car.  It nearly blew my ear drums, and then today on the run they were as loud as I have ever heard them.  I couldn't hear my watch beep over the sound of the bugs.  (Really...I just got off on a tangent about bugs but I would like to know if they are everywhere.)

Now I am trying to get geared up for my next workout.  I could easily skip it and go to bed but I want to get my weights in tonight so I don't have to do them tomorrow.  I just hope my workout buddy doesn't bail on me tonight after a hard run today.

My food has been on track the last few weeks.  I did ok for 2 weeks and last week I was on point!  Like all my meals were on track and very little cheating.  I did enjoy my cheat day on Sunday with my chocolate ice cream but was able to get right back on track this morning.  One thing I have been working really hard on is giving up my Diet drinks again.  I know I know, I give them up and then start drinking them again.  Instead of cutting the off completely I have cut down to no more than 20 ounces a day and since I can have them its not the end of the word that I am not getting them. 

I'm going to take my hot self, sore hip and all and get off here and get ready for my final workout of the day. 

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