Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sometimes I am Just Too Stupid to Function

Ok, I have been trying to post for the last hour, but my internet on my computer would not connect. I reset the modem and router, restarted the computer about 3 times and nothing. Then I realized....the wireless switch on the computer was turned off, so it was not even looking for a network to connect to. Duh?!?!?! I was getting ready to call my internet company and report a problem. I am SOOOOO glad I didn’t!!!! How embarrassing would that have been.

Ok, now away from my stupidity.....

Wow. I have had a busy day and have some pretty good news. I am not getting too excited about it yet but it is definitely a step in the right direction. I took my orthos advice and went to see my chiropractor. Another round of X-rays and he said that I seemed to have a slightly compressed disc. It was not bad but definitely smashed a little bit. So he adjusted me (or smashed me) and sent me on my merry way with another appointment.

To be honest I didn’t think this would work. I just couldn’t imagine that popping my back would make a difference. Amazingly enough, right now, I am feeling better. Most of the groin pain is gone and the hip pain is lessened. I can still feel it but it is soooooooo much better than it was when I woke up this morning. I hope this will do the trick!

I have stayed true to what I said yesterday. I decided that I was going to work out like I wanted if my hip was going to hurt anyway might as well. Well that is exactly what I did today. I didn’t have a hour that I could go and hang out to the gym but I had a few 20-30 minutes periods that I could get there. So I had 2 short but very intense workouts today.

I did a little spin workout and an interval elliptical workout. I watched the last 30 minutes of the Biggest Loser while on the elliptical. It was such a hard workout and I was doing a little grunting and groaning, then something on the show would happen and I would moan or yell at the TV...the people in the room with me now officially think I’m crazy!!!! They are not too far off.

I have not watched the entire episode of Biggest Loser yet but I am looking forward to it. I basically saw the end and realized that I missed a whole lot of stuff.

I also did so much better on my food today. I may have overeaten a bit at dinner but I wasn’t miserably full or anything just maybe one too many mashed potatoes. I still think I am in the negative for the day. I’m am finally getting all the pieces of the diet/exercise puzzle back into place. It feels good to have a since of control again. And hopefully with my new found will power I won’t have to get back on track again anytime soon.

I have another day full of work and workouts tomorrow and I have already washed my clothes and packed my food, now I’m just hoping I can sleep in my steamy hot house.

Night all!!!

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