Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today Not As Expected

For starters, last night I didn't sleep at all.  We had storms rolling through the area that were all really late at night.  I didn't get home till almost midnight and that's when the fun began.  I was unpacking my stuff and getting ready for today and then the storms began.  I put it on the news and they assured me that we were not going to have tornados so I went to bed.  Around 2 am it really got loud again and I got a was my family asking if I was ok cause the power was out.  Well mine was still on and I was officially ready for bed.  I woke up every few minutes for the next couple of hours cause of rain and thunder.  For that I slept in as long as I could this morning. 
When I finally got up I ate my breakfast but it was really closer to lunch time so it messed up my food for the entire day.  When breakfast is pushed back then lunch is too and then by the time it is time to eat dinner its just to late to eat a full meal.  We will come back to this.

After a short trip to the office I went over to my sister house to visit the swimming pool.  I knew they would be there and I wanted to get a little swim before the storms came through again.  Well it never stormed so I got to swim for a little while.  I love a day of working by the pool.  I have the luxury of working away from the office some days and it is soooooo great. 

I finally got done swimming and headed off to run with my No Bo group.  This is the last time I will run with any of them until the race on Monday.  We are tapering off now so it was a short run today and the girls I ran with did great.  They are so ready for this race. 

I then had some errands to do and I needed to do a little more workout before I could call it a day.  I went to the gym and did a little spinning while watching some college softball....helped pass the time.  Then I had to go to they grocery store.  Worst decision ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so hungry.  It is almost 10 and I am surely not going to eat this late but I have to have some food for tomorrow so there was really no choice.

I walked through the isle with tunnel vision the best I could but I kept thinking I will get just a little something to eat before bed.  I looked for that perfect thing and somehow ended up on the candy isle.  Fret not folks, I finally just left the store with no little snack for tonight only the things I need for lunches and dinner.  When I got home I started cooking my food that I had just purchased...NEW Worst Decision Ever.

Now on top of being really really hungry my house smells delicious.  I am having fajitas for lunch tomorrow and my whole house smells like Mexican goodness.  Seriously how good does this look?

I just might have to eat Fajitas for breakfast now because I am dying to eat it now.  I had a bite of the chicken and almost fainted it was so good.  Now I'm waiting for the rest of my food to get done so I can go to bed.  I never imagined this night would go so late but I guess since I got to have a relaxing day I have to do the nightly work! 

Tomorrow I don't have a run in the morning.  My regular running buddy cant run and I could very well go on my own or with someone else but I am taking the morning to do a non-impact workout and give my sore legs a little bit of a break, especially since I have a race coming up. 

I must go stir now but I promise tomorrow I will post before midnight, and hopefully before it gets dark!!!!!!

Have a good one!

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