Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bicycle Race

Yesterday I was soooooo excited.  I woke up and went out for my morning run.  The run didn't actually happen.  We got to town about 6am, early for me that is for sure.  Everyone was on time!  That never happens.  On my way to town I noticed it was a little bit darker than normal but it was also earlier than normal so I didn't really think anything of it.  Well, every second that passed it got darker and cloudier.  It became very obvious that it was going to rain.  We stood at the door for a few minutes watching to see if maybe we could get in a few miles before the down pour but finally decided against the run and went upstairs and got our Jillian workout done and skipped the run all together.  Might have been the best decision ever.  It started to rain about 5 minutes later.  If we had been running we would have been caught in a downpour thunderstorm.  We ended up getting a good workout but no run.

I didn't have to be at the office all day long yesterday so I was taking the opportunity to do some errands out of town that I have been putting off for months.  I had to take some clothes back and I really wanted to go to Huntsville and look at bikes.  What a perfect opportunity.  It rained on me the entire way down to Huntsville, and the entire time I was doing all my shopping.  The rain and any bike events, I should put 2 and 2 together and just accept the fact that I am not meant to have a bike, but if the rain didn't do it the price tags did.
I got to my first stop, went in to look at the selection and ask some questions.  I went in very upfront about my budget and the fact that I didn't have a lot of money to spend but I had x amount of dollars and was willing to pay all of them to have a bike.  Well, one hour later the girl got done with her entire sales pitch and showed me bikes $150-$200 more than I was going to pay.  (I get it that's what bikes cost, but just tell me in the first 5 minutes that you cannot sell me anything in that price range!!!!!!!!!!!!)  I was irritated that she waisted one hour of my time and there was not a bike in the shop that I could afford.  So I went to another store and was much happier with the guy there.  He gave me the prices up front and didn't waste my time.

So I was a bit disappointed when I got done at the bike shops.  I was really hoping to find something in my price range but no luck.  I hung my head down and went to plan B.  I'm not 100% what plan B is just yet but I'm working on it.  Anyway, I got my shopping and errands done and headed home.  I still had time to run by the office and get through my emails.  Then I baked some cupcakes for work and went to bed.  (I baked cupcakes for work because on Monday I took in a huge array of cupcakes and put a note on them that said "DO NOT EAT OR I WILL HAVE TO KILL YOU" or something like that.  Well nobody ate the cakes and because they were so good I made them their own batch. 

Today we did get to run.  It was a wonderful, hot, but wonderful run.  We got in 5 miles this morning.  I was a little slower than I had hoped to be but I did get all my miles in with fewer than normal walk breaks.  I was feeling pretty good post run and I needed that today.  I have had some pretty boring or not so good runs lately so it was nice to have a good one.  And to top it off we finished running and had a wonderful breakfast afterwards. 

Then my day went haywire.  I had an entire morning of Real Estate action.  That is very good since the market has been slow.  I loved it.  I was so busy and just running around like a crazy person.  YEA!

I am finishing my night off with no second workout.  I have decided instead to go have a little girls night.  But it will be up bright and early again tomorrow to workout and hopefully have another busy day at work. 

And then there's this.....

5 Things that have gone on in the last few days that are totally unrelated to diet/weight loss.  Just weird things, funny things, or things that make me raise one eyebrow and say "Huh?"

1.  I am the proud mama to 3 new kittens that will not come close to me but think they live in my garage. I am not an animal lover, but I was trying to be nice and put something out for them.  BTW, cats do not like soy milk!

2.  This week I discovered why it is that I am single.  I have lost (maybe never had) the ability to flirt.  It really was a tragic experience.

3.  There is a trend in my neighborhood...people take their dogs out for a walk and on more than one occasion I have watched them walk around while carrying their dogs.  Really what is the benefit to the animal.

4.  The fact that it rains every single time I go to do anything on the bike it rains should make me think that a higher power is telling me that I do not need a bike.

5.  Over the last 2 days I have left my car running several times.  Like pull into a parking space, put the car in park, and go inside.  Note that I didn't say turn the car off.  It happened today when I went into my office, I had to run out to grab something, and I am so happy that I did because my car was sitting there running.  REALLY?!?!?!  Who does that?

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