Monday, June 20, 2011

Flips and Turns and None of Them Planned

So this weekend is precisely the reason I don't plan things out to the exact.  OK well I always plan them out but they rarely ever workout like I planned them.  This weekend I was going to ride the bike.  This was the last weekend with the borrowed bike and I didn't get to ride during the week like I had hoped so I was going to ride both days this weekend and then go to the bike store and look for my own. 

I even moved my Saturday work to the early early morning shift so that I could ride and get to Huntsville to look at bikes.  Well, I got off work and went home for a short cat nap, like planned, then got up put on my bike clothes and headed outside.  To my surprise when I hit the front porch, helmet bike and all, I noticed the sky looked a little bit like rain.  It was actually looking pretty rough.  So I called my little Nazi Niece bike partner and told her I was still coming over but I was going to wait for the rain to be over and then we could go. 

Well, 5 minutes of sitting on the front porch, still in the helmet and all, I realized that this was actually going to be a pretty bad little storm.  The winds were just whipping around and I could hear limbs hitting the ground and see all my trees swaying.  I started to get a little bit scared and decided I would risk the 2 minute drive to my dad's house so I didn't have to be alone and scared by myself. 

So I got in the car, not the bike, and headed over.  As I was driving around my neighborhood I could see that the limbs were actually full grown trees all over the ground but I was going to Dad's so I would be safe there.  And then, I got to the entrance of my subdivision and no luck!  There was a gigantic tree in the middle of the road, impassable, with the power line wrapped up in it.  I called my sis and asked if someone could come pick me up, I would just walk to the end of the road if they would come get me. 

The entrance to my subdivision.  Please notice the power line!

Trees down everywhere

When I got over to my dad's I realized that they too had treeS down, and so I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up trees with the rest of the family.  It was a tough job but it has to be done.  So no bike ride, no trip to the bike store.

So on Sunday I thought I could make up for the loss of a whole day on the bike.  It was my brilliant idea to ride our bikes to the gym, on the highway and all, (I put on my big girl panties for this one.  I will run all over the road but the bike on the road scares me.  I put on my big girl panties and dealt with it, I do wish those panties had had a pillow in the tush!) swim and then bike back to the house.  I should mention there is one hill, a one mile hill that I knew would be a doozie and was not sure I could get halfway up much less the entire way up but it seemed like such a good idea.  And it really was.  We pushed ourselves because that was way farther than we had ever gone before, me for sure.  So we got to the gym, 8 miles down.  Hopped in the pool and did 500 yards.  Then back on the bike and headed home. 

We started up the hill and in my head I really hoped to get to the halfway point....I failed!  I don't think I got a fourth of the way up the hill before I had to bail off the bike and push it.  I'm not upset at all that I had to push my bike up the hill because this is still very new for me.  Once at the top of the hill it was back on the bike, the soreness beginning to set in, but still going fairly strong.  Mile 16:  Back at the house, the 2nd stop of the trip.  We got a drink and cooled off a little bit.  We wanted to get 5 more miles so that we could finish with 20.  At this point I hated my Nazi Niece bike partner for telling me this was a good idea.  I was really starting to hurt but I did want to do the whole 20.  And we DID!!!!  20 miles and 500 swim.  All in all a great workout and a great training day for the Triathlon.

Post ride, we look pretty good.  I had to put on the shades to cover up the tears.

After we got done, 2 hours later, I was pooped.  I was hurting in all kinds of places, including one very very very special place, and ready to get some food.  By the time I got to watching Swamp People on Sunday night I could hardly keep my eyes open.  I was ready for bed.  And I slept pretty good.

I was up early again this morning to go run.  I had already informed my running buddy that I might be a bit slow today because of my sore body.  When I got out of bed, sore wasn't really the right word, PAIN!  But I slowly loosened up.  Once I got to the steps my back pain was mostly gone and just sore in my legs and my "good girl!"  After taking a few easy laps around the steps my soreness was working itself out even more.

Then we took off to run on solid ground.  It took a little warming up and a few runs and walks but then I kinda got in a groove.  My steps were getting longer and I was not hurting too bad.  Overall we got just under 5 miles and the last 2 were at a good pace.  I even made a deal at the beginning of my run before I knew it would turn out to be a good one that if they were nice to me and my legs I would run 6 one Wednesday.  So I will keep my end of the deal and run 6 one Wednesday, I need to get some higher mileage in over the next few weeks anyway. 

I do have one more workout tonight.  We haven't done our Jillian workout today, but we will surely get it in tonight.  And hopefully soon, maybe even next weekend I can get to the bike store and look at getting a bike for myself.  Wouldn't that be Special?!!??

I do have to tell you my one dumb dumb move of the day.  I was getting back on track with my food today.  I took the time to pack up my food for the entire day as well as clean up the clothing hurricane that exploded in my living room this morning.  I got everything pack up and in the car, but that is as far as I made it.  I forgot to take the food out of the 90 degree hot car so by the time it was time to eat dinner my food was ruined.  Money and good food down the drain, grrrr!  Maybe tomorrow I can pack and eat my food. 

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