Friday, June 17, 2011

I Love Her, But I am Beginning to Think That Jillian Is EVIL!

Up to this point of the workout I have just had some mild muscle discomfort.  That all changed after yesterdays workout.  Changed so drastically that it was all I could do not to cancel today's workout.  My entire body hurts!  I have done the Making the Cut workout before and I remember this feeling but it hurts in such obscure places.  Yesterday we had the circuit that had the 5 sprints at 9mph for 30 seconds each.  It seems like it would be no problem but today my Hammies are shot.  They hurt so bad that it is almost not worth sitting down because the chair that I sit on hurts the back of my legs.  I'm hoping the pain is actually my butt running north and away from my legs.  An instant butt lift would be wonderful.

Luckily one of my running buddies has a race tomorrow so this mornings run was much easier than normal.  So easy that we actually ran to a local restaurant and ate breakfast during our run!!!  Haha, we really do have too much fun sometimes.  But then after breakfast it was back to Jillian, uh! Then to add insult to injury we did hill work.

All that really matters is that we did the workout.  I have to tell myself that every time I sit down and stand up.  This is the second time in 2 days that we have done this crazy intense workout and by the end I needed a change of clothes.  We are talking buckets of sweat.  I know sweating is a good thing, heat exchange and all that jazz, but it is also nasty and we have gone to a new level of sweat.  I wonder if it is partially because it is hotter outside and I'm never really getting cooled off or I am just getting in such good shape that my sweat glands cant keep up.  Lets go with the second of those.

Now that I have complained for 3 paragraphs about soreness and sweat I must change gears.  All the pain is worth it with this workout.  First, I feel great when it is over.  It's instant gratification that I was able to get through it.  Second, the change that happens in such a short period of time.  Maybe not obvious to others but I can tell a difference in my arms and my quads are getting bigger.  Ha, I have spent the last 3 years trying to make things smaller but the growing quads are actually nice.  I want some definition and I can see some differences.  Sooooo worth it.  2 and a half more weeks until the wedding that all this hard work is for!

One thing that I have struggled with over the last couple of days is my food.  It has started off good but then slowly gone down hill as the days go on.  I was trying to get it back on track today and so far so good.  We eat breakfast out nearly every morning that we run but amazingly enough I can usually eat pretty healthy.  Eggs are healthy and if I'm feeling spunky I get a biscuit.  Sometimes it depends on how my run with but the last couple of days I got the biscuit anyway, hard run or not.  That's the kind of thing I am talking about with my poor food choices.  But I packed such a good dinner tonight I'm thinking of taking the Senior Citizens role and eating it at 3:30. 

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