Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is 8:30 to Early to Go To Bed???

As I talk about going to bed at 8:30 I have to say that this morning was the first time in 15 days that I got to sleep past 8 o'clock.  I had to be at the office today at 9 so I couldn't do my morning workout at 7 because I couldn't have made it to work on time.  So I gladly went to bed last night knowing that I got to sleep late!!!!!

I did enjoy sleeping in this morning!!! (And I know you are all jealous and that makes it even better)

Well I had one of those days that was all day at the office, then off to the gym for my Jillian workout.  I was a little nervous about tonight's workout after the workout we had last night.  We made it through the workout ok but I thought my workout partner was going to pass out when it was over.  She just didn't handle all those sprints well last night.  But when she came in tonight she said she was feeling good.

I was a little bit early to the gym so I got to shoot basketball to warm up and then up for the Cut workout.  Let's just say tonight was not the hardest workout but not easy either and I am very happy that tomorrow is a rest day!  One of the most painful parts of the workout was sitting on the teeny tiny workout bench seats.  I'm still paying for that bike trip!  Ha Ha

I'm not going to make it to bed after all by 8:30 but I'm thinking if I kick it into high gear that I can get into bed by 9.  I'm not lazy, just exhausted and ready for some more sleep!

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