Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Its Been Non-Stop

Who knew that 9 hours at work would be the first break I would get in 2 days.  It has actually been nice to have a seat for just a few minutes.  My last couple of days have been running around trying to get everything in. 

Yesterday my morning started off with a Jillian workout.  Some parts easier but for the most part it was so hard.  A small accomplishment from the workout yesterday was the fact that I was able to do all the hill climbs at the 10 incline.  It seems like it would be no problem to do the one minute run but it is so much harder than you think.  And the scariest part is Friday its the same run at a higher incline.  OHHHH, my legs already hurt just thinking about it.  I then managed to get some laps in the pool before work.  I had to get both my workouts in earlier because I had ballgames to get to last night. 

My pool workout is always the same.  I am very comfortable with that workout.  Honestly I wish every workout I did was that consistent.  Some days a run seems like any ol run and it can turn out to be the best run ever or worse than a root canal.  But (note the segway) speaking of a good run today would qualify.  I met one of my running buddies early and got in about 2 miles, then 1 mile on the steps (which were brutal and hot this morning) but they are getting better, and then out for a final 3 miles.  The last three were solid running a mix of walk and run but it was a nice 6 mile run for the morning. 

Tonight I have a break from the Jillian workout, woo hoo, my body needs rest from all that.  So tonight I am going to another pool workout.  Tonight I need to get in some cardio and I am in desperate need of a hot tub visit.  I have a crick (sp?!?!?  I have no idea how to spell that)  in my neck.  It's not a major injury but it is the most annoying injury in the world.  I have to sit crooked in my chair at work because I cant see the people walking in the door.  Hot tubs cure neck cricks right?!?!?

I have had most of the week off the bike but I have to give it back this weekend so hopefully I can squeeze in one or two more rides by Sunday.  I am planning on riding on Friday after we run and hopefully Saturday as well.  If I don't get to ride on Saturday its because I am going to look at some bikes for myself.  I think after almost a year of thinking about buying a bike I am ready to go look at them, I might buy I might not, cause they are sooooo expensive, but its worth looking. 

Oh oh oh I forgot this, did you know in Triathlons they have age groups, and then they have weight groups.  Why oh why are running races not broken down into weight groups????  That is the best idea ever.  I have signed up in the Athena group for girls over 150 but I am seriously thinking about starting my own group, the Cookie Monsters, for girls over 200!!  I would have to be in contention in that group!!!! 

Wish me luck in my Quest to Cure the Crick!  I just know the hot tub is the answer! 


Anonymous said...

No mention of the wonderful lunch you had with two of your favorite people! We're hurt!

Adalita said...

It sure sounds like you have been a busy girl. I hope you neck gets better.

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