Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Honestly I am finding it hard to post today because I have not done anything overly exciting.  I really want to break my day down in bullet points because it would only take 5 or 6 to fill in my entire day.

I'm not going to do it like that because how boring would that be....or interesting!  Let's See!!!!

~  Got up early this morning because I got to bed late.  I forgot every single thing I was supposed to get before I left the house and had to go back inside 3 times before I left.

~  After a gazillion trips in the house, I still forgot 2 things and was late to run.

~  I rocked out 6 miles this morning and the most entertaining thing that happened on the run was my shoe laces came untied about 15 times. 

Because of the shoe issue I have immediately starting looking at alternatives.  These are called Lock Laces and I think I am going to give them a try.  If you have used these let me know what you think of them.  I cant spend every step tying my shoes.

~  We managed to finish our run before the down pour and thunderstorms rolled in.

~  I went home and packed my lunch and cooked some crazy amount of chicken for the week.

~  I went to work!

That is one uneventful day. 

But my run this morning was a bit disappointing.  I went to running 2:1's to see if I could get my speed up.  I was very unsuccessful in this pursuit.  The first couple of intervals were better than normal but then I got right back into my old pace.  After the run I was pretty sure this was an impossible task to master.  I am feeling better about it now but right after the run I was pretty sure this was a bad idea.

And tomorrow we go back to our Jillian workout.  This day of rest was very relaxing and wonderful and my muscles have enjoyed it.  I am going to work out in the hot tub tonight to see if I cannot relieve the last of the muscle soreness before we start up again.

Have a good night folks.  I wont get in bed before 8:30 tonight but it was nice to get in before 10 last night.  Sooooo rare!

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