Thursday, June 9, 2011

Starting the Day Off Right

This morning started pretty early, but not as early as a run day which makes me very grateful.  I met AC at the gym this morning at 7:00 for our first day of the Making the Cut workout.  I have done this workout a few times in the past, it was my 30 in 30 plan and I have used it since for a pick me up, get back on track workout.  And every time it is just as hard as the time before.

Well we were successful in our workout today and no one cried or puked so it was a major success!  
I had to get ready at the gym this morning because I was itching to get to work.  I had to be there at 9am and I wanted to be there a little early so I could do my headband winner before work actually started.  Getting ready at the gym is not my favorite thing to do but since there is no hope for my hair today I figured what could it hurt.  So I did the whole shower get ready at the gym thing, yuck!  I just don't feel fresh if I have to get ready there.  But you do what you gotta do.

I have to work today at the gym today which is not my norm but I get to have Friday off...woo hoo.  That never happens.  And today I get to get this mop cut off my head.  I haven't been able to decide what I wanted to do with it so I have let it grow but I cannot take it any longer.  I'm pretty sure all this extra hair is making me hotter.  So tonight I get my hawk back.  I think the hawk makes me tougher and more BadA** in the gym.   

Not sure if I will get an afternoon workout tonight or not but I hope I can squeeze a little cardio in today.

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