Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Would You Rather?

While catching up on some of the blogs I read I came across this one.  It's from Jane at See Jane Run and I thought it would be a fun one to take on.

Would You Rather?
1. Would you rather run for two hours around a putrid smelling landfill or run for two hours in a mosquito infested swamp wearing nothing but a sports bra, split shorts, and shoes?

Landfill, smells go away eventually, but you would have mosquito bites in some very unfortunate places.

2. On a hot summer day would you rather run a marathon barefoot or in snow shoes?

This is a horrible decision either way you look at it. I guess barefoot rather than heavy snow shoes. Either way you are looking at blister fest 2011!

3. Would you rather run 3 miles naked at 5am or 5 miles in a string bikini at 5pm? Location: your daily running route (neighborhood).

First off I run on the highway, not in my neighborhood but I think my answer would be the same either way. I would have to go with NAKED at 5am. There are way fewer people on the road at that time of day.

4. Would you rather finish last in a race, but run your best time or win a race with a very slow time?

I would love to finish first. I have never won a race but unfortunately I have finished last. I think winning would be awesome.

5. Would you rather get caught by race spectators squatting behind a bush to pee mid-marathon or finish on camera with it running down your leg?

Sorry, but I like to run but I am not so serious that I would intentionally pee my pants. I take a crowd over wetting my pants any day of the week.

1 comment:

Jane said...

Great answers! These are pretty fun questions, huh. :)

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