Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Finally Got It!!!!!

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Thinking Thin: A Day Late

I have a new respect for Mothers and Nurses.  I have no idea what day of the week it is, so I forgot about both Thinking Thin and Tips and Tricks. 

But Im here now!!!!!!!  Since I am late Im sure there will not be a lot of participation but we are going to do it anyway.  Today, I have a topic.  This one is for the mothers out there.  How in the world do you function day to day and still take care of a small child.  Where do you find the time to workout, eat, shower, sleep?!?!?  I want kids some day but I am thinking about having my tubes tied!!

After my bit of complaining I must say I have enjoyed getting to take care of someone for a few days.  My little patient is doing much better and I think he is going to survive.  He gets to leave the house today which makes him very happy.  Me on the other hand, I have to go to work.  Yesterday I had a great day at work and I am happy to go back in hopes that this will be another great day.

So grab the button and linky up and tell me how you manage your time!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad Attitude

Yesterday when I went out for my run after a night of not enough sleep and wanting a good run so bad, I really had a bad attitude.  I didn't want to run the whole distance, I was ready to be finished at about mile 3.  When they finally told me that we were doing 6 miles it made my attitude get a little bit worse.  At the last quarter mile I was dying and ready to be done, and I hear my late night workout buddy tell me I had to go a little bit further!!!!  When I complained she hit the roof and said after all the crap I put her through late at night that I could finish the run without complaining.  I got so tickled I couldn't even argue with her.  I just ran the last little bit with a smile on my face.

Well this morning my attitude was much better and her attitude was awful.  She couldn't understand why we had to do weights on our legs because "Every day is a leg workout!!!"  "We run Hills everyday!" "This machine doesn't work right" and "Whine whine whine whine whine"  I guess I deserved it because I was the same way the day before.  I think we all need those days, especially if you are still willing to do the workout.  We wrapped it up in about an hour and then I had a day planned like you wouldn't believe.

I actually had a day away from the office to help out because I was taking care of my little patient.  My dad had day surgery today and I am the nurse extraordinaire for the afternoon.  My sister put in many many early hours and I get the night shift.  That's the one good thing about being single and childless, I can stay over when I need too.  Anyway, he did great and is home now, and I haven't stopped laughing since.  There is nothing more fun that trying to talk to a person who is not coherent.  We go from one topic to another without any notice.  And sometimes we have more than one conversation going at a time but I am not informed of which one we are talking about at that particular moment.  For example:  He asked me if congress came to an agreement on the budget? while we were talking about how to beat a certain level on angry birds!!!!!!!!  Its just to much for me. 

I wont be getting a second workout today because of my nursing duties but I will get in an ab workout before bed which is always needed.   Now if I could just get my stupid computer to connect to the Internet I would be so happy.

Have a good day peeps!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Worst Blogger Ever!!! I know I know

I have not been gone for a whole week yet but I am scaring it to death.  I think the last time I was on was Wednesday, please accept my apology.  I had a week that was packed full of work, workouts and so much more.  I wish I could tell you everything I did but I'm not sure I can remember it all.

I had to work at the office 2 days in a row which is abnormal for me.  I usually have one full day at the office and then when I need to be there the rest of the week.  But this week I picked up an extra shift at the gym so it was crazy all the way around.  Then one night last week I went on a date and another out with my sisters to celebrate a birthday so I was home around midnight and very much ready to go to bed.  See I told you I was crazy!!!!!

Thursday night I hung with my sisters at Sonic.  We can rock out some late night Sonic visits. (Thats where we film our amazing commercials!)  The girls will go at least once a day for the best diet coke with ice in the entire county.  And they let us sit there for hours without making us feel like we are bothering them.  Good times.  But I think I partied to hard on Thursday because when I woke up on Friday morning I could not get going.  I was awake at 5:30 wandering around my house trying to wake up.  I tried a cup of coffee, some breakfast,  nothing was working.  I actually drifted off to sleep sitting on the couch.  I finally gave up and went back to bed.  I had kept up to all my workouts and knew I could make it up. 

So on Saturday I woke up early to go out for a run with my girls to make up for my absence.  I didn't have long because I was going on a canoe trip.  It was one of the best runs I have had in a while.  It was more running than walking, which is more than I can say for my last 2 weeks, and I wasn't hurting anywhere so no complaints.  A little hotter than I would have cared for but it didn't effect me like it does some days.  I was very pleased with my run on Saturday morning. 

The rest of the day was action packed and full of calorie burning.  I went to canoe the river after the run.  I love to canoe more than just about anything which is kind of amazing since I'm not really an outdoor kinda person.  I like to run outside on concrete, not trails, and I don't want to sleep outside or anything like that.  I also like to row by myself so that I get a good workout.  My canoe was a little bit heavy so it was harder to row than normal and I started off the trip with two sulled up teenagers but once everyone got in a good mood it was a good time.  Then I got home and had to mow the lawn...again!!!!!!!!  I swear my neighbors are fertilizing my yard when I go off to work.  It needs mowing about every 3 days.  New more rain!!!!

So now I am going to go to bed and vow to be better with my blogging next week.  Right now it seems to be a little more tame than this past week but you never know in the Real Estate business.  I hope the dam breaks and everyone in this town want to buy a house.  I would gladly take the busy over then nothing.

Wish me luck with the run tomorrow!  Hopefully another good one!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thinking Thin

Let's Think Thin Today....What Do You Say????

Hello all.  Well its Wednesday again so we shall hop around.  If you would like today to find some other blogs out there or help people find you, go ahead and Linky up.  Today, there is no topic.  All you have to do is put the button in your post somewhere and tell us about you.  I cant wait to read up on you guys.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Today's tip/trick is actually a food tip.  I like to have a protein shake because I am not much of a meat eater and I lack protein every day.  On my hunt for the greatest protein shake in the world I found that most of them are loaded with carbs and sugar.  The whole point for me is to have a shake with protein and not a lot of carbs.  I found a few that meet my guidelines and the best one that I have is the Atkins Protein Shake. 

It has 160 calories, 2 net carbs, and 15 g of protein.  And it tasted pretty good.  Sometimes I don't have the time to mix one in the morning and other times I want to have a low carb high protein snack and these come in little travel containers so I don't have to take the mix and the milk with me and try to keep it all cold until I can mix it later in the day. 

Another thing about this shake is that it is normally on sale or has a few bonus drinks in it so it comes at a pretty good price.

This is What High Feels Like?

Ok, so I have never been high but this is what I imagine it feels like.  I am am sleepy and hungry and feel like a million bucks.  What makes me feel so good you ask??  Well, my preacher is in the middle of a sermon series about the 7 deadly sins and I hesitate to tell you the rest because this week was about envy and I feel like I would make 90% of you all jealous by telling.  So guilt aside I will share....I just got a massage, and not a little short one, ONE WHOLE hour!!!!!!!!!!!!  And now I feel great. 

This was just a little happy to myself.  I have been very sore and lots of hip and leg pain and it was just time to go take care of it.  (Just know after every period there is a Ahhhhh! that is implied, I just cant type it every time.)

My last couple of days have been strange.  On Monday I overslept, and not just a little overslept, like half an hour dead to the world slept.  I missed the run but I did go to the gym late and get in a swim in the morning.  I like swimming and I don't do it enough so I thought since I missed my run might as well do something.  I also did so much better on my eating yesterday.  I made a self commitment to do better with my food this week and that is what gave me the power to eat better and still go workout even after I overslept.

Then today I got up early again, but not as early as normal and gave yoga another try.  This morning was way better than the last yoga we did.  I would actually suggest this one to other people.  My running buddy came this morning and was not much in the mood for yoga but she did it anyway, and then she was ready to run.  Tuesday is not a running day!!!!!  But since she did my workout I went out on the road with her.  I wish I had known we were going to run because I came to the gym in flip flops and tight pants and my loose yoga sports bra and not my running tight painful sports bra.  I didn't even have my running shoes.

So we didn't exactly run.  One thing about being heavier and bustier is that a sports bra is necessary, one that holds up the girls and keeps them still!!!!!  We went out on the road but we just walked.  We got in a total of 3 miles so it was a good workout overall this morning. 

Then this afternoon was the glory that was my massage.  I want to go workout again this afternoon but at this moment I don't want to do anything.  I am sooooo relaxed.  Maybe I can get up the energy to do something else today before the day is gone. 

I would suggest you all give yourself a little happy and get a massage or something that makes you feel like a queen, mani/pedi, whatever works for you!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Step Towards Earth Friendly

I have purchased my first re-useable water bottle. Let me start with this, I do not buy a new bottle of water every time I drink one. I would go broke!!! I am a classic refiller of old plastic water bottles. I have two brands that I really like the size of and I use them forever.

I have been told this is unhealthy to do more than a few times and I will do it for weeks on end but I have never been able to find one of these fancy ones that are big enough to hold the amount of water I want and still fit in my cup holder.

Well I was doing a little shopping the other day and ran across this one on a clearance table so I got it for nearly nothing so it was worth the $4 to try it out. And I love it!!!

I am slowly throwing my old plastic bottles away. Next thing you know I will be working out in a hemp skirt and making my own soap!

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Im Too Accident Prone for My Own Good

I'm so happy to be back on here today.  I have been one busy busy little girl for the last two days.  Dawn to Dusk busy without a break in there anywhere.  Let me pick up where I last spoke to you.

I think I told you about the horrid Yoga video, the video that I am still paying for 2 days later. Just before Yoga the speaker from the stereo fell off its post and smashed my foot.  Its the most pitiful little bruise but it hurts.  I had to beg for some sympathy, sometimes I exaggerate a bit, I think paper cuts need stitches most of the time.  Well that was Tuesday morning and after that my next 48 hours went crazy.  I started with some yard work on Tuesday which apparently compounded the soreness that I am in today.  Then I had an appointment so I showered and headed off to work, then back home for the finishing of the yard work, then I had another call so I had to shower again and back to work.  It was crazy!!!  But I did get all my yard work done.  The mowing and weeding and axe swinging.  So to top off the "yoga hell" I have blisters on my hands and sore hamstrings from bending over for hours.

BTW:  I'm just being funny about all the soreness, I am sore, but it is nothing like I have been in the past.  The main problem I am having is the waddling.  I parked in pregnant people parking at Wal-Mart because I knew people wouldn't question it because I am walking around like someone who is 13 months pregnant.

Then Friday it was off to run.  We got in 5 miles but the majority of it was walking.  My legs were not 100% and by Friday morning my hip was completely blown out!  We walked for just under 2 hours and it was a brisk pace so no lolly gagging, a good workout, just less impact.  

Friday was a little less stressful than Thursday, work as usual but appointments back to back.  I like the business!!!!  By the time I got to the gym on Friday afternoon it was kinda nice to sit down for a bit...and catch up on my water for the day.  The morning walk was hot and I needed the fluid.  I discovered that when I walk my fingers swell because my hands are down and not up by my side like when I am running.  My fingers were actually hurting but 8 hours later the sausage fingers were gone and my things were feeling better. 

I'm working today again and then out with my buddies tonight.  It has been way to long since we have gone out and I am so ready for it.  I'm going to power nap this afternoon since I had to be at work at 5am this morning.  Ahhhhh Nap Time!!!!!!

Ill come back to you next week, I would say that I hope I can blog more but if my business picks up enough to keep me busy I will gladly take it.  And maybe I can keep from doing anything stupid to hurt myself and keep from being sore!!!!!  Here's hoping!

And if anyone knows where I can get a copy of the book "A Stolen Life"?  I'm obsessed with this story and I really want to read it but apparently so does everyone else and there is not a copy in site.  And I want the hard copy, no digital book for me! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Early Morning Yoga

Today we did it.  We finally did the yoga we have been talking about for 2 weeks.  And I have a review for you.  I try to keep it positive and promote videos but this one has some quirky things about it that I want to share.

We did the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown.

We came in armed bare feet and all and ready for yoga.  We had the choice between this workout and the Biggest Loser Yoga and chose this one because we have both done the BL one before and this one was new. 

The workout was tough, I was sweating like crazy.  But the part that is weird was it didn't seem like yoga.  It was a really good workout but not yoga.  The poses were not anything that are not in every other workout.  It was just a good workout with static poses.  So if you want a good workout this would do the trick, but if you want a yoga workout I would choose something else.  The Biggest Loser yoga is much more traditional. 

I'm on the search now to find the greatest yoga video out there so if you have any suggestions I will gladly take them.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Well today's Thinking Thin post comes to life in my day today.  I didn't workout this morning in hopes of working out this afternoon.  All was going as planned, sleep in a bit and didn't go to the morning workout, instead opt for the late night Wednesday workout.  Well, we ended up cancelling tonight so I officially have not worked out at all today.  Oh my goodness!!!!  I cannot remember the last time I didn't get a workout at all.  I am telling myself I need a day off and its good to rest, but my body is saying "Why oh why did I not workout today?" 

I told my workout buddy I was going to say bad things about her for cancelling on me but that is not really fair cause I could have worked out alone, but I didn't. 

We are working out in the morning.  If she cancels on me tomorrow then I will be working out on my own.  Tomorrow morning we do Yoga!  Its been to long.

I am hoping that my body can stand yoga tomorrow.  Since the 30 day Making the Cut workout is over on Tuesday we did a FatGirl original and now my body is sooooo sore!!!!  I asked my workout buddies if they are sore and one said she was fine and the other cannot lift her arms over her head.  Ha ha!!!  After working out on Tuesday we went to a Water Park and I am thinking that might have compounded the soreness, I know it helped with the sunburn.

Don't forget to link up and join the Thinking Thin blog hop.  It will be open for a few more days.

Ill let y'all know how the yoga goes in the morning.....  It's going to be an adventure for sure, I cant lift my arms over my head but I am expecting my body to be able to hold downward dog for 30 seconds.  hahahahaha!!!

Thinking Thin

 Just a few things you have to do to hop, grab the button in the sidebar and post it somewhere in your post.  Then linky up at the bottom of this post so others can find you.  I hope you will follow my blog as well but of course you don't have to follow me to play along.

I am not really limiting it to any topic in particular.  I hope to find blogs about weight loss, diet, exercise, running, etc....

Today's topic comes after my marvelous morning of getting to sleep in later than normal.  We didn't have a morning run cause everyone was out of town except for my late night workout buddy and I so we decided to move back to the late night workout and not run this morning.  Now, I am feeling like I will never get my calorie burn in for the day so tonight's workout is going to have to be a good one.

So, do you prefer to workout in the morning or later in the evening?

Currently I'm torn, the sleep was amazing but I think I am going to have to choose the early morning workout and then I have the time to do another one in the evening if I want to but I can skip it and know I have done my part for the day.  What about you?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

I know I told you all about the shoe laces I got, the ibungee laces, and because I love them they get to be the product of the week.

I have 2 different pairs, one for the running shoes and one for the workout shoes. So far I love them!!!! No more tying of the shoes mid-run. Although sometimes it's nice to have a shoe break when I'm about to die.

The best thing is the on and off. I was always worried about stretching out my shoes and since I'm on a budget I can't have 2 pair to alternate. With these laces I just have to pull up the tongue and slide my foot right in.

These are a definitely a product I would recommend. I can't believe what a difference $6 shoes laces make.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

What a Wonderful Weekend

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.  It was nice to be off work and out of town.  The makeup extravaganza went well, all my girls looked beautiful and I did get to go visit with my besty and have a wonderful 2 hour lunch.  You can just imagine that we got to catch up on everything.  I even managed to find the time to clean up my house and get all of my laundry done before the week started.  I love it when I start the week off with all my chores done so I don't have to figure out when I will fit them in.

Today it was back to the grind.  Another early wake up call and out for the run.  We managed 5 miles this morning, five very very hot miles.  This was the first morning that I got hot hot hot.  I have enjoyed the sweat and the warmth, but I am officially over it.  The first time I got hot we were about halfway through.  I had to stop and walk at a very slow pace to cool off.  Usually when I take my walk breaks I at least keep a good pace walking, but not on this one, it was a survival walk break.  I got hot one more time but I could actually see the finish destination so I was able to fight through and get to a water fountain.  It was hot enough today for me to consider carrying a water bottle with me on the next run.  And I hate having to tote water around when I am running.  The fewer things in my hands and on my mind the better the run, ALWAYS!!!!

I'm still pretty disappointed with my running right now.  I am just slow and as much as I don't want to care about my pace it is bothering me.  It just seems like I need more and more walk breaks and that my body is not able to do it like I once could.  All the way to town to run I tell myself, "Today is going to be better!" and then half a mile in I am ready to walk because something hurts or I'm hot or I cant breathe.  I know they are all excuses but its like I just cant talk myself out of it.  I may have to go back to intervals until I can get built back up so I don't get too discouraged. 

Anyway, the rest of the day I have been working.  I didn't have to much business at Job #1 today but was able to get in there and get my stuff done and caught up....then Job #2....let's just talk about job #2 for a minute!!!!!  When I came in today after starting my day off hot, I was informed that the AC in the room that I sit in, and only my room, is broken, and it wont be fixed anytime soon.  It is well over 80 degrees in here and I am about to die!!!!  I just cant get away from the heat today.  I have spent my breaks in the bathroom and the back laundry room because they are both air conditioned.  And to top it all off I am sweating through my dress shirt.  Let's just say I am looking very forward to getting home tonight and cranking the air way down so I can cool off a bit. 

The view from my desk.  If I could find another fan I would plug it in too and create a fan vortex around me and be soooooo cool!!!!

At this point in the evening I am trying to decide if I am going to workout tonight or just go home and cool down.  I don't know how long it is safe to have a core body temp over 120 degrees.  Ha ha. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!! Come back tomorrow for a Tips and Tricks Tuesday.  I don't know what it is yet so it might be a surprise for all of us. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

WE DID IT!!!!!

(Let the exclamation points begin!!!!)

We did it.  Today we finished up the Making the Cut workout.  We did 30 whole days without missing a single workout.  We came to the gym on holidays and days off and got every single workout in.  It is such an accomplishment.  During the 3rd circuit today we were laying on the floor panting, and I kept saying "This is awful, but I love it!"  And I really mean that, I love it but I'm glad its over.

The celebration began as soon as we finished the last 20 rock star jumps.  It was lots of root rooting and high five-ing and the a rip of the final workout! 

See I was so excited about telling you guys we did it that I forgot to tell you that we also ran this morning.  We got in a whopping 4 miles outside and then another 1? (maybe) walking around the track in they gym.  We are calling it 5 for the day but I don't think we actually got 5 in today. 

Then after workouts it was off to work.  I have been busy all day long.  I took the opportunity to clean up the landscaping around my office today because it has been driving me crazy for about a week.  So I wore my outside work clothes to work and played in the dirt outside.  I could still take calls but I didn't really want to have to see any of my customers because I was not looking good....and of my customers pulls up to the office.  Really?!?!  He doesn't usually just show up unannounced but there I was in my outside work clothes and covered in leaves and rain and dirt.  He didn't mind and I am happy to do business anywhere anyway so I just ran with it. 

Now I am showered up, cleaned up and dressed up and working at job #2.  Really just counting down the hours until I get to go home.  All in all I have had a crazy productive day and now ready for some much needed sleep.  I'm already thinking about bed and its only 6:15. 

I have a lot more to do tonight so I wont be seeing my bed anytime soon but I can think about it while I am getting the rest of my stuff done.

BTW:  Sometimes I get so tickled when I spell check at the end of the post and realize that I truly cannot spell anything right!  And the spell checker never likes my made-up words.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

And Oh Oh Oh Oh

I forgot to say, THANKS guys so much for playing along in the blog hop yesterday.  It is still open if anyone else wants to get in on the fun.  I was reading along with some of the new ones I found yesterday.  We will do it again next Wednesday. 

What Day Of the Week Is It

I really did enjoy the holiday weekend but is it just me or is anyone else so confused for the entire rest of the week.  All week I have been on the wrong day.  TODAY IS THURSDAY!!!  I got it now, maybe?!!??!

Well today was the eve of the end of the Making the Cut workout.  Today was by far the hardest workout of all.  We took a sneak peak earlier in the week at the workout and I have been dreading it so much.  We survived it and as soon as it was over I took the book and ripped out the page that had the Day29 workout on it.  I never ever want to do that one again.  I would rather do the sprint circuit workout 10 times rather than this morning's workout.  It really was an amazing workout.  Don't tell but we accidentally forgot one of the exercises because it was on the back of the page and we have to make it up tomorrow.  100 bicycle crunches!!!!!!  shhhhh!

The rest of the day I had to work.  All day long in the office with a short lunch with my ladies that I substitute teach for in the mornings.  We had a birthday party and I was invited!  We had a wonderful lunch but then back to the office.  All day long at the office.  I stopped by job #2 on the way home and got that done so I made it home by about 8:30.  That's pretty early if you ask me.  I spent the rest of the evening cleaning carpet.

I borrowed a carpet cleaner from my sis and had to give this thing a whirl.  Time got away from me which is why it is after 10 and I am just now getting to posting today. 

Tomorrow we run in the morning and then the final, very last, not again for a long time, Jillian workout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh that make my heart happy.  I love this workout because it makes me feel strong and so good when it is over, but it does hurt.  I would suggest it to anyone who wants a challenge. 

And because tomorrow is Friday, see I remember, I get to get off earlier than usual and get to workout before 10 pm.  I know I am kinda in an exclamation point mood tonight but I have been in a funk all week and it feels good to be in a good mood.

I have a big weekend planned too so if I am not around this weekend just know its is because I am off having way to much fun.  I am doing make-up for a wedding and then I am hoping to see my little cousin nephew.  I should probably make sure they are going to be in town but that is the plan in my head right now. 

Ill come back to you tomorrow, I am sure I will have another post full of exclamation points tomorrow too as soon as this 30 day workout is over.  We are so close to being done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thinking Thin

Today is the first of the Thinking Thin Blog Hops.  I hope we have some good participation today because I hope to find some new blogs to read.  I know I really enjoyed the last one of these that I participated in.  Basically there are very few things you have to do to hop, grab the button in the sidebar and post it somewhere in your post.  Then linky up at the bottom of this post so others can find you.  I hope you will follow my blog as well but of course you don't have to follow me to play along.

I am not really limiting it to any topic in particular.  I hope to find blogs about weight loss, diet, exercise, running, etc....

Here's the button for you to pick up.

Not since today is the first day I have a topic for us to post about.  The topic today is "Why did you start blogging?"

I started my blog about 3 years ago because I entered a weight loss contest at the local gym.  My sisters were big fans of the blog world so I thought it would be nice to have an outlet to talk about my experiences.  I never expected anyone to read it and didn't really tell many people about it in the beginning.  Now I have been lassoed into the blog world and I just cant get enough, of my own and I am always looking for others.  I love to share my experiences, good and bad, ups and downs, and I love knowing that others are going through the same things.

Let me know how you got started. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ready for the Crud To Be Gone

Today I am still fighting what I can only guess is a sinus infection.  My whole head hurts and I am stopped up but its not bad just irritating.  I am still able to do all my workouts and work, I just have a headache. 

This mornings workout was a special one.  For starters, we are officially 2 days away from being done with the Cut workout.  I have enjoyed it but every workout is done twice so I knew exactly what to expect and this is the workout that made me so sore last week.  It was actually better today and I am not so sore...yet!  But another reason it was so special was because my workout buddy came (even though she didn't want to today) and my running buddy came.  I told them when we were working out my dreams came true.  I got my workout buddy running and my running buddy doing workouts.  It made me smile the entire time.

The rest of the day I spent at work and now I am enjoying something that hasn't happened in a really long time.  I have the night off.  I have the entire night off.  No ballgames, no workout, no nothing.  I have used the time to spruce up my blog a little bit (hope you like it), and come up with some new things to make the blog a little more interactive.  Let me tell you a little bit about it.

On Tuesday we will do Tips and Tricks Tuesday.  The idea is to focus on one product, exercise, or food that I use and would recommend.  This started the other day at Sonic when we stopped to have drinks and my sister did a small commercial to show you what this little exercises is all about.  She is going to kill me for posting this!  But today's product is Degree Deodorant Motion Activated.

My sister told me about it after she bought it and it really is amazing.  Even after a intense workout I still smell pretty good.  And if there is no workout involved it smells like oranges all day long.

This is how Sister 3 feels about this deodorant...

The commercial was too much for Sister 2 and you can hear Sister 1 in the background rolling laughing.  Haha.

Alrighty, then we go on to Wednesday.  I have a new blog hop to put into motion.  I used to participate in a blog hop that was one of my favorites but she stopped hosting it so I thought I would start one up like it. 

On Wednesday we will hop around "Fat Friends Thinking Thin!"  The basic idea is for diet, exercise, fitness bloggers to find each other.   I found a lot of the blogs that I read from her hop and hopefully I can find some new ones with this.  Some Wednesdays there may be a topic and some days you can just link up and find new friends.  I don't have a banner for it yet but I will soon so until then we will just have to pretend that there is a pretty picture at the head of the post.  I might put something together until I get a good one made.

I hope you guys enjoy some of the new things to come and I hope to see you link up tomorrow. 

I have to be up to run in the morning so I am taking advantage of my early night and going to bed.  Night all!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fat Free, Fun Filled, Fret Free Fourth!!!!

Well I can honestly say this was an unexpected and wonderfully fun 4th of July!!!!  As I sit here on my couch after a fun day it sounds like a battlefield outside my house.  The fireworks are going off like crazy so I have to post fast so I can go outside and watch the action.

My day started off with a run.  My running buddies decided that since it was a holiday and we all had the chance to sleep in that we should go run at 6am.  I told them I would come but I was not happy about it.  So I got in 4 miles drove to eat some breakfast while the others ran to the restaurant and then back to the gym to do our last week of the Jillian workout.  I am just a bit under the weather right now, I think I have a sinus infection so I decided not to finish the run since I couldn't breathe during the first 4 miles.  The workouts went really well and even though I decided that I was not happy about working out so early it was nice to get it all done before 9am. 

I went home and caught a quick cat nap on the couch and then decided to go raid my sisters swimming pool.  It was beautiful weather and the perfect day to play in the pool.  And we played, and played and played just a bit more.  We somehow got some pool games going, then backyard volleyball, kickball, croquet and anything else you could possibly play in the yard.   It started raining about 3pm but that didn't interrupt any of the playing. 

Then we finished the night off with some fireworks, you cant end the 4th without fireworks!!!  My daddy-o didn't get many but he got some good ones and they were amazing.  Check it out!

I don't know if you can hear them but the children in the background are so cute.  I know you cannot see them!

Ok and I baked another cake for the holiday.  I do love to bake them and this one was especially challenging but turned out great.  My sisters showed it to me on another blog they read and I just knew I could do it.  Look how cute it turned out.

Totally unimpressive until you cut into it and lookie there, its an American Flag!!!  How neat is that!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.  I know I did and I am so ready for some sleep now.  5500 calories burned 93 backyard games and 1 sunburn later and I am ready for bed.  I'll be back to you tomorrow.  

Friday, July 1, 2011

It Has Been a While Since I Felt Like This

Oh my body!!!!  We are on week 3 of the Making the Cut Jillian workout.  I have had some soreness throughout this workout, nothing new, but after yesterday morning's workout I am in a new dimension of pain!  What I thought was an upper body workout turned out to be the biggest pain in the butt, literally, that I have had in a while.  I cannot hardly sit or stand and neither of those positions are comfortable.  OHHHHHH!  I don't think I would be as sore as I am if I had not trusted my workout buddy with the instructions.  I let her be in charge and she got the reps wrong on one of the hardest workouts and we did double time.  When she finally confessed her crime, I belly flopped on the mat, shot her a bird, and took the book away!!!!  Really if this wasn't hard enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, even though the workout she messed up was a upper body exercise I'm sure that is the reason my butt hurts soooooo bad. 

Anyway, I got up this morning and headed out to run with my buds.  We had quite a group this morning, I think 6 total.  It was a bipolar run this morning. It started out so painful I could hardly walk to warm up much less run, but once I got going it wasn't too bad.  Then I would have spurts where I was running great, a good pace, and feeling good.  Then a lull where my legs and butt were hurting pretty bad.  By the last mile I was ready to be done but still able to keep going.  I just wanted to find a nice padded chair and sit down.  We got in a total of 5 this morning so I was really happy about that. 

Tonight I have to do another Jillian workout and I am frightened about it already.  I haven't even looked at it yet because the combination of the pain in the butt and the knowledge of what is to come might make me call in sick.  "Cough cough!!"

And remember I told you about my girls night out.  You just have to see this.  It makes me laugh every time.  This very tall guy rode by on a tiny moped and he pulled up next to us and let us look at it and took my sister on a ride. 

I have a video of it but it wont load.  This machine has a top speed of 45 miles an hour and it only takes it 14 minutes to get to top speed.  hahahah!
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