Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad Attitude

Yesterday when I went out for my run after a night of not enough sleep and wanting a good run so bad, I really had a bad attitude.  I didn't want to run the whole distance, I was ready to be finished at about mile 3.  When they finally told me that we were doing 6 miles it made my attitude get a little bit worse.  At the last quarter mile I was dying and ready to be done, and I hear my late night workout buddy tell me I had to go a little bit further!!!!  When I complained she hit the roof and said after all the crap I put her through late at night that I could finish the run without complaining.  I got so tickled I couldn't even argue with her.  I just ran the last little bit with a smile on my face.

Well this morning my attitude was much better and her attitude was awful.  She couldn't understand why we had to do weights on our legs because "Every day is a leg workout!!!"  "We run Hills everyday!" "This machine doesn't work right" and "Whine whine whine whine whine"  I guess I deserved it because I was the same way the day before.  I think we all need those days, especially if you are still willing to do the workout.  We wrapped it up in about an hour and then I had a day planned like you wouldn't believe.

I actually had a day away from the office to help out because I was taking care of my little patient.  My dad had day surgery today and I am the nurse extraordinaire for the afternoon.  My sister put in many many early hours and I get the night shift.  That's the one good thing about being single and childless, I can stay over when I need too.  Anyway, he did great and is home now, and I haven't stopped laughing since.  There is nothing more fun that trying to talk to a person who is not coherent.  We go from one topic to another without any notice.  And sometimes we have more than one conversation going at a time but I am not informed of which one we are talking about at that particular moment.  For example:  He asked me if congress came to an agreement on the budget? while we were talking about how to beat a certain level on angry birds!!!!!!!!  Its just to much for me. 

I wont be getting a second workout today because of my nursing duties but I will get in an ab workout before bed which is always needed.   Now if I could just get my stupid computer to connect to the Internet I would be so happy.

Have a good day peeps!

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