Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fat Free, Fun Filled, Fret Free Fourth!!!!

Well I can honestly say this was an unexpected and wonderfully fun 4th of July!!!!  As I sit here on my couch after a fun day it sounds like a battlefield outside my house.  The fireworks are going off like crazy so I have to post fast so I can go outside and watch the action.

My day started off with a run.  My running buddies decided that since it was a holiday and we all had the chance to sleep in that we should go run at 6am.  I told them I would come but I was not happy about it.  So I got in 4 miles drove to eat some breakfast while the others ran to the restaurant and then back to the gym to do our last week of the Jillian workout.  I am just a bit under the weather right now, I think I have a sinus infection so I decided not to finish the run since I couldn't breathe during the first 4 miles.  The workouts went really well and even though I decided that I was not happy about working out so early it was nice to get it all done before 9am. 

I went home and caught a quick cat nap on the couch and then decided to go raid my sisters swimming pool.  It was beautiful weather and the perfect day to play in the pool.  And we played, and played and played just a bit more.  We somehow got some pool games going, then backyard volleyball, kickball, croquet and anything else you could possibly play in the yard.   It started raining about 3pm but that didn't interrupt any of the playing. 

Then we finished the night off with some fireworks, you cant end the 4th without fireworks!!!  My daddy-o didn't get many but he got some good ones and they were amazing.  Check it out!

I don't know if you can hear them but the children in the background are so cute.  I know you cannot see them!

Ok and I baked another cake for the holiday.  I do love to bake them and this one was especially challenging but turned out great.  My sisters showed it to me on another blog they read and I just knew I could do it.  Look how cute it turned out.

Totally unimpressive until you cut into it and lookie there, its an American Flag!!!  How neat is that!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.  I know I did and I am so ready for some sleep now.  5500 calories burned 93 backyard games and 1 sunburn later and I am ready for bed.  I'll be back to you tomorrow.  

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