Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Step Towards Earth Friendly

I have purchased my first re-useable water bottle. Let me start with this, I do not buy a new bottle of water every time I drink one. I would go broke!!! I am a classic refiller of old plastic water bottles. I have two brands that I really like the size of and I use them forever.

I have been told this is unhealthy to do more than a few times and I will do it for weeks on end but I have never been able to find one of these fancy ones that are big enough to hold the amount of water I want and still fit in my cup holder.

Well I was doing a little shopping the other day and ran across this one on a clearance table so I got it for nearly nothing so it was worth the $4 to try it out. And I love it!!!

I am slowly throwing my old plastic bottles away. Next thing you know I will be working out in a hemp skirt and making my own soap!

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