Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thinking Thin

 Just a few things you have to do to hop, grab the button in the sidebar and post it somewhere in your post.  Then linky up at the bottom of this post so others can find you.  I hope you will follow my blog as well but of course you don't have to follow me to play along.

I am not really limiting it to any topic in particular.  I hope to find blogs about weight loss, diet, exercise, running, etc....

Today's topic comes after my marvelous morning of getting to sleep in later than normal.  We didn't have a morning run cause everyone was out of town except for my late night workout buddy and I so we decided to move back to the late night workout and not run this morning.  Now, I am feeling like I will never get my calorie burn in for the day so tonight's workout is going to have to be a good one.

So, do you prefer to workout in the morning or later in the evening?

Currently I'm torn, the sleep was amazing but I think I am going to have to choose the early morning workout and then I have the time to do another one in the evening if I want to but I can skip it and know I have done my part for the day.  What about you?


Sabrina said...

For some reason I can`t/don't know how to share the button on my page so I just added a link to your blog! Hope that's okay :)

Love your blog btw.

Adalita said...

I tend to workout in the morning, I need to start running again. I do that in the afternoon (if I don't have meetings or other commitments)

I really need to get back into blogging about fitness and weight loss.

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