Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This is What High Feels Like?

Ok, so I have never been high but this is what I imagine it feels like.  I am am sleepy and hungry and feel like a million bucks.  What makes me feel so good you ask??  Well, my preacher is in the middle of a sermon series about the 7 deadly sins and I hesitate to tell you the rest because this week was about envy and I feel like I would make 90% of you all jealous by telling.  So guilt aside I will share....I just got a massage, and not a little short one, ONE WHOLE hour!!!!!!!!!!!!  And now I feel great. 

This was just a little happy to myself.  I have been very sore and lots of hip and leg pain and it was just time to go take care of it.  (Just know after every period there is a Ahhhhh! that is implied, I just cant type it every time.)

My last couple of days have been strange.  On Monday I overslept, and not just a little overslept, like half an hour dead to the world slept.  I missed the run but I did go to the gym late and get in a swim in the morning.  I like swimming and I don't do it enough so I thought since I missed my run might as well do something.  I also did so much better on my eating yesterday.  I made a self commitment to do better with my food this week and that is what gave me the power to eat better and still go workout even after I overslept.

Then today I got up early again, but not as early as normal and gave yoga another try.  This morning was way better than the last yoga we did.  I would actually suggest this one to other people.  My running buddy came this morning and was not much in the mood for yoga but she did it anyway, and then she was ready to run.  Tuesday is not a running day!!!!!  But since she did my workout I went out on the road with her.  I wish I had known we were going to run because I came to the gym in flip flops and tight pants and my loose yoga sports bra and not my running tight painful sports bra.  I didn't even have my running shoes.

So we didn't exactly run.  One thing about being heavier and bustier is that a sports bra is necessary, one that holds up the girls and keeps them still!!!!!  We went out on the road but we just walked.  We got in a total of 3 miles so it was a good workout overall this morning. 

Then this afternoon was the glory that was my massage.  I want to go workout again this afternoon but at this moment I don't want to do anything.  I am sooooo relaxed.  Maybe I can get up the energy to do something else today before the day is gone. 

I would suggest you all give yourself a little happy and get a massage or something that makes you feel like a queen, mani/pedi, whatever works for you!

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