Friday, July 8, 2011

WE DID IT!!!!!

(Let the exclamation points begin!!!!)

We did it.  Today we finished up the Making the Cut workout.  We did 30 whole days without missing a single workout.  We came to the gym on holidays and days off and got every single workout in.  It is such an accomplishment.  During the 3rd circuit today we were laying on the floor panting, and I kept saying "This is awful, but I love it!"  And I really mean that, I love it but I'm glad its over.

The celebration began as soon as we finished the last 20 rock star jumps.  It was lots of root rooting and high five-ing and the a rip of the final workout! 

See I was so excited about telling you guys we did it that I forgot to tell you that we also ran this morning.  We got in a whopping 4 miles outside and then another 1? (maybe) walking around the track in they gym.  We are calling it 5 for the day but I don't think we actually got 5 in today. 

Then after workouts it was off to work.  I have been busy all day long.  I took the opportunity to clean up the landscaping around my office today because it has been driving me crazy for about a week.  So I wore my outside work clothes to work and played in the dirt outside.  I could still take calls but I didn't really want to have to see any of my customers because I was not looking good....and of my customers pulls up to the office.  Really?!?!  He doesn't usually just show up unannounced but there I was in my outside work clothes and covered in leaves and rain and dirt.  He didn't mind and I am happy to do business anywhere anyway so I just ran with it. 

Now I am showered up, cleaned up and dressed up and working at job #2.  Really just counting down the hours until I get to go home.  All in all I have had a crazy productive day and now ready for some much needed sleep.  I'm already thinking about bed and its only 6:15. 

I have a lot more to do tonight so I wont be seeing my bed anytime soon but I can think about it while I am getting the rest of my stuff done.

BTW:  Sometimes I get so tickled when I spell check at the end of the post and realize that I truly cannot spell anything right!  And the spell checker never likes my made-up words.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Holy cow! That's awesome!! Congrats on making the cut! :)

And I'm the same way about spell checker.. screw the spell checker!! lol

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