Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Well today's Thinking Thin post comes to life in my day today.  I didn't workout this morning in hopes of working out this afternoon.  All was going as planned, sleep in a bit and didn't go to the morning workout, instead opt for the late night Wednesday workout.  Well, we ended up cancelling tonight so I officially have not worked out at all today.  Oh my goodness!!!!  I cannot remember the last time I didn't get a workout at all.  I am telling myself I need a day off and its good to rest, but my body is saying "Why oh why did I not workout today?" 

I told my workout buddy I was going to say bad things about her for cancelling on me but that is not really fair cause I could have worked out alone, but I didn't. 

We are working out in the morning.  If she cancels on me tomorrow then I will be working out on my own.  Tomorrow morning we do Yoga!  Its been to long.

I am hoping that my body can stand yoga tomorrow.  Since the 30 day Making the Cut workout is over on Tuesday we did a FatGirl original and now my body is sooooo sore!!!!  I asked my workout buddies if they are sore and one said she was fine and the other cannot lift her arms over her head.  Ha ha!!!  After working out on Tuesday we went to a Water Park and I am thinking that might have compounded the soreness, I know it helped with the sunburn.

Don't forget to link up and join the Thinking Thin blog hop.  It will be open for a few more days.

Ill let y'all know how the yoga goes in the morning.....  It's going to be an adventure for sure, I cant lift my arms over my head but I am expecting my body to be able to hold downward dog for 30 seconds.  hahahahaha!!!

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