Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Day Of the Week Is It

I really did enjoy the holiday weekend but is it just me or is anyone else so confused for the entire rest of the week.  All week I have been on the wrong day.  TODAY IS THURSDAY!!!  I got it now, maybe?!!??!

Well today was the eve of the end of the Making the Cut workout.  Today was by far the hardest workout of all.  We took a sneak peak earlier in the week at the workout and I have been dreading it so much.  We survived it and as soon as it was over I took the book and ripped out the page that had the Day29 workout on it.  I never ever want to do that one again.  I would rather do the sprint circuit workout 10 times rather than this morning's workout.  It really was an amazing workout.  Don't tell but we accidentally forgot one of the exercises because it was on the back of the page and we have to make it up tomorrow.  100 bicycle crunches!!!!!!  shhhhh!

The rest of the day I had to work.  All day long in the office with a short lunch with my ladies that I substitute teach for in the mornings.  We had a birthday party and I was invited!  We had a wonderful lunch but then back to the office.  All day long at the office.  I stopped by job #2 on the way home and got that done so I made it home by about 8:30.  That's pretty early if you ask me.  I spent the rest of the evening cleaning carpet.

I borrowed a carpet cleaner from my sis and had to give this thing a whirl.  Time got away from me which is why it is after 10 and I am just now getting to posting today. 

Tomorrow we run in the morning and then the final, very last, not again for a long time, Jillian workout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh that make my heart happy.  I love this workout because it makes me feel strong and so good when it is over, but it does hurt.  I would suggest it to anyone who wants a challenge. 

And because tomorrow is Friday, see I remember, I get to get off earlier than usual and get to workout before 10 pm.  I know I am kinda in an exclamation point mood tonight but I have been in a funk all week and it feels good to be in a good mood.

I have a big weekend planned too so if I am not around this weekend just know its is because I am off having way to much fun.  I am doing make-up for a wedding and then I am hoping to see my little cousin nephew.  I should probably make sure they are going to be in town but that is the plan in my head right now. 

Ill come back to you tomorrow, I am sure I will have another post full of exclamation points tomorrow too as soon as this 30 day workout is over.  We are so close to being done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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