Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello, I Should Be In BED!!!!

I have been a work rat today and not a gym rat today.  I actually didn't even get to the gym until after 8pm.  I opted to sleep a little longer this morning and workout tonight.  What I thought was going to be a day of sitting at the office ended up being a day of running around town, showing property and celebrating birthdays.

My niece celebrated her 11th birthday today (they grow up so fast) so I got to go to school and eat lunch with her.  In an attempt to do better with my diet I only ate 1 cupcake!!!!!!  Trust me, with the way my diet has gone the last few weeks that was a victory today.  I could have eaten all of the cupcakes cause they were fresh and good!!!!

But only one cupcake! 

Then tonight I made up for my cupcake at the gym.  I got in a pool workout.  Swam half a mile and then did another half a mile running in the pool.  Its a lot harder to run in the pool than one might expect.  Half a mile feels like 5.  And I really try to push it in the pool because it gets my heart rate up and the resistance makes me stronger, but the water keeps the pressure off the joints. 

Now I am officially pooped out and ready for bed because in 7 hours I have to be back out and running, this time on dry ground.  I have to run a little longer tomorrow if I am going to be ready for this half next month.

Really, there is no chance that I will be READY for the half, I will be able to do the distance, but I will not be doing it that well.  Hopefully, I can get a little bit more ready than I am now.  My running partner said she would like to run at least 5 miles before the big day!!!  She is taking this as serious as I am, difference is she is younger and skinner and in a lot better shape than me so she will do it in like 2 hours with no training.  haha I do love her.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Being a Blogger is Sooooo HARD!!!!!

Ha ha that is the funniest blog title ever!  Being a blogger is quite possibly the easiest thing in the world.  I sit at a computer and talk about my feelings and make about $0.03 a month doing it.  How does it get any easier than that.  But then schedules and ballgames and life get in the way of my sitting around time.

To be honest, the reason I haven't posted is because I am finding it kinda hard writing a blog about becoming thin because I am running in the opposite direction faster than I run on the road.  I feel a little bit like a hypocrite, my diet has been so wretched that I am embarrassed.  I am still getting in my workouts but since my eating sucks I am basically cancelling things out at this point. 

I could come up with a thousand excuses of why I am not doing great right now.... Yes!  My mom died and I ate my feelings for a month!  But that only gets sympathy for about 5-10 pounds so its not really fair.  Yes!  I am busy.  I have a thousand jobs and a huge family and ballgames and workouts.  Hell, so does everyone else in the world.  I would rather be busy and play with my family any day than not have them.  It's just an excuse!!!!!!!!!!  I'm not using those as EXCUSES for my weight gain....you know what has happened....I lost my balance.

So, I will continue to post, (you know my truth now....embarrassment) and hopefully I will be able to find more of a balance.  I will eat better so my workouts will be better and more effective, and I will workout harder because I will be fueling my body better.  I just have to find it again.  I also hope to find this balance sooner rather than later.  I need to get it back because I feel fat and out of shape and I am ready to feel like me again! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Proudly Displaying My New Bumper Sticker

I am so happy about my new sticker...my dad, not so happy about it!!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Such a Huge and Busy Weekend

My goodness gracious I have been dying to get on here and tell you guys about my weekend.  It was crazy busy and I just didn't think I would ever get on to tell you about it.

Friday night was opening night of High School Football.  If you are from the south you know what a huge big deal that is...and it was especially big this year cause I have a nephew playing high school football.  So it was football Friday night and I was at work.  All I wanted to do was get out of there so I could get to the game.  I actually made it before the second half started and got to watch most of the game.

I had spent most of the day on Saturday getting ready for the Triathlon on Saturday morning.  I hadn't received any information on the race, start place, etc. nothing!!!!  I started researching trying to find out all the details.  I got myself so worked up that I even checked out the registration to make sure I was signed up correctly because I hadn't heard anything.  I found all that I needed to get to the start line but was still pretty nervous because I didn't know what to expect.

So Friday night at midnight I was home doing laundry so I would have clothes to wear the next day and packing my bag.  I had to go race and then run home for something later in the day.  It was almost 1 am and I was crawling into bed and I was going to have to wake up at 5:30 for the race the next morning.  (Hint:  4 hours is not enough sleep the night before a triathlon, sprint or ironman)

So Saturday race day was finally here!!!  I was excited but still very nervous.  I had found out on Friday that the course we had to run was a trail and not a road race like I had assumed.  For those of you who don't know, I HATE TRAILS!!!!  More than just about anything that I can think of off the top of my head.  I had set a goal of 1:20 for a finish time and when I found out about the trail I upped my finish time to 1:40.  I just know I really struggle with trails.

I started in front of my niece, but I knew she would catch me on the run section.  I was giving it all I had on the run but was quickly getting tired and fed up with the terrain.  I kept stepping on rocks and sliding and then I would step on a twig and it would stab me in the shin...and my new running shoes were getting dirty!  She caught me just around mile 2 and we ran out of the woods together.  It was very nice that we were able to run a good part of the race together.  She is much faster than I am so it was nice to be able to have someone to talk too.

Next up, the bike.  This was the part that I was most nervous about.  I knew that I could do the distance, I have done it a number of times now, but I am still new on the proper etiquette of riding.  I have never done any sort of group race type thing on a bike.  I did my best to stay to the right and let others pass me on the left.  One time I got all messed up and finally told the other rider to just go around me I couldn't get back on the right side of the road.  She very kindly went around.  After analyzing the entire race I know now that the bike was the easiest  part!  Go figure!

Up next, we swim.  From what I had read the night before I found out that I had to get out of the pool after the swim and run across the finish line.  Well that didn't really fly well with me.  I have no problem wearing a bathing suit in public, but I am not about to run to a finish line in nothing but a swim suit.  I was prepared to wear my shorts in the pool just so I didn't have to do that.  So as I am pulling up to the final transition spot I parked the bike and ran in the pool area with all my clothes on.  When I got in I saw that the finish line was right out of the pool, no sweat, Ill swim my laps and hop out and then go put my shorts back on!  The swim was the easiest event for me, but I underestimated that the pool would be so crowded and that the etiquette that I didn't know in the bike was now being broken in the pool.  Swim on the right pass on the left....I got caught behind some people that were swimming side by side.  Both very slowly and neither making any progress.  It took a bit but I finally got past them.  My niece actually swam underneath two people that were doing the same thing to her.

We finished!!!!!  Yeah, that was the ultimate goal.  My time ended up being 1:26.  I think that is a little bit off from the actual time because I was not in the first group but either way, that is what the finish time said and I don't really care what the time was because I crossed the finish line.  I marked that off the "Bucket List" and am happy to say that I will probably do it again in the future.

Post finish line, clothes back on!  Happy as a Lark! (Please note the writing on her arm, it was on my left arm too and we are going to get to that in just a second.)

So now that the race was over and I was just happy as could be I had to make a mad dash back home and get ready to go to a funeral.  My precious sisters who came down to watch went and got the car, I never thought about that part.  I would have had to ride my bike back to the start line if they hadn't been there.  We loaded up the bikes, talked for a few minutes and then I got in the car and zoomed home.  

When I got home I had 13 minutes to get ready and get back in the car.  I got completely ready and dressed, makeup and all but the only problem I had was I couldn't get the skin marking off my arm.  I had a big black "256" written across my arm.  I scrubbed and wiped and finally got it to the point where it wasn't just awful but you could still see it.  Very embarrassing!!!!

At about 1pm I got home and my body was beginning to ache.  I was ready to get some food in my gut and water and sit down.  I got a few hours before I had to get to work.  I just had to work for a minute to cover for someone so no big deal.  Walking up and down the steps was painful but that was about it.  My couple hours rest really helped ease my legs.  After dinner that night I went to the Wal-Mart with my sister and she made me walk around for "hours" and my legs really got sore and I could hardly stand it.  I still had to go home and fold days and days and weeks of laundry.  Remember I said I was standing over my washer the night before the race washing clothes. 

My clothing exploded all over my utility room. 

 This is just the beginning...this photo was actually taken a few days before, since then 3 more loads.  Awful!!!!  And please note all the laundry supplies that I have been talked into buying.  It now takes longer to prep the wash as it does to wash it.

How pretty, two full baskets and they are all folded and B-E-Autiful!!!!!

Another 2 hours later I finally got done with all of my laundry, washed folded, the whole shabangs.  I was ready for bed.  My body was physically exhausted and ready for rest.

On Sunday I got the blessing of a nap after church.  My soreness was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  I don't know why the trip to the store the night before got my legs so torn up but all was pretty good on Sunday.  I had my spots that hurt but that was it. 

Then this morning my running buddy and I went out for a short recover run.  She had done a long run over the weekend and I had my race so it was about 50/50 walk run and I think it helped me because when I ran tonight I was on my game.  The run felt good and I was not as sore as I have been.  I also learned a new running technique tonight (POSE method) that I am going to start trying to implement into my runs to see if it can help me. 

 For the last 12 hours I have been trying to publish this post and I cannot put it off any longer.  Just a few more words and it would have to be a novel with 2 or 3 volumes.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On the Down Side of Hump Day

Well I have been a busy little girl today!  And for the most part it was a pretty good day.  I got up this morning and did my run.  My run today was not a very good one but after 2 days and 3 good runs I am ok with a bad one every now and then.  I just had one of those days that I could not catch my breath.  Luckily my running buddy is possibly the nicest person in the whole wide world so she was pretty nice about my bad day.  And she has some extra miles for the week so we didn't get 5 today, just 3.  It is kinda nice that I am running a bit less this week because I have my race this weekend. 

I am looking very forward to my race this weekend.  I have not gotten as much bike time as I would like but my swimming and running has been on track. 

Anyway, after the run I had to get to the office early.  One of my co-workers has had a death in the family so I am trying to stay on top of everything so nothing gets behind.  I got my work done there, had a little lunch, and then off to job #2.  I finally got off work and then into the pool for some laps.  It was another good swim, if all goes to plan I will have a bad swim next time!  It is nice to swim late because there is very few people in the pool but I did get to swim tonight with the cleaning guy.  It's fun to swim dodging a scooper net. 

I do have a bit of a funny for you...after my swim I was going straight home so I put on my tshirt over my bathing suit, tied my towel around my waist and rode home, with no pants.  The whole way home I was driving 30 miles an hour being extra safe....you know mama said wear clean under ware in case you are in a wreck, but she never said anything about driving with no pants.  I just wanted to make it safe and not have to explain to an officer why I had no pants on.  I made it home safe, Praise the Lord!  How embarrassing would that be?  I know better than that, really?!?!?!?!!?

Now that we are officially on the downside of the week it is officially time to start mentally focus on my race this weekend, and time to order my new bumper sticker!  Yeah, a new sticker.  Don't worry you know I will have a picture for you, this is going to be the best one yet!

I have no idea what my workouts will be tomorrow, I get to sleep in a bit, which basically means that I get to sleep past 5:30am!  I have a date with my swim buddy and then a meeting tomorrow night and I dont know if I wanna hit the gym in the morning or go after my meeting tomorrow night, or maybe stay in the pool after we swim...oh too many decisions to make.  Any suggestions out there?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Look Who Came to Breakfast!

After I told my running buddies I was not longer doing the Tuesday/ Thursday morning runs because I have to get some sleep and I just cannot do 6am on those days they tricked me.  My bestie came into town and wanted to run with us so of course I could not skip the run.  So this morning at 6am my big ol butt was out of bed and running.

We managed to get 3 miles in this morning with only one hill (which I ran!!!!)  and then we headed off to breakfast.  This is the part that you are going to LOVE!!!  We got breakfast all eaten and enjoyed and then had a visitor come join us.

 I mean, come on, how sweet is that little man!

 Hanging out with his Auntie A.
Ha Ha, I knew this child could smile!  We had to trick him so he didn't know there was a camera.

Then we just had to go to Sonic (one of the best places ever) and show him off over there too.  We had to go visit the cousin aunts.  And once there he was giving some sweet kisses.

I can honestly say this little guy kinda made my whole run and my whole day better.  I hope he comes tomorrow morning too.

Just in case you are wondering yes, I have baby fever!

Monday, August 15, 2011

So Many Many Miles Today

I hope you guys all had a great weekend.  I know mine was pretty enjoyable.  I had the entire weekend off work and then on Saturday night I got to go watch some football.  No work + football = GREAT WEEKEND!  I even got the opportunity to go out and ride my bike.  I finally purchased a bike a few weeks ago and when I got it home the front tire blew before I ever got 2 feet down the road, so I took it back, long story short, it is fixed now and I finally got to ride it.  I took off with my niece and we just did our 6 miles that we have to be able to do this weekend...yes this weekend coming up is our very first triathlon!!!!!  I am so excited, I have wanted to do this for a while and the time is officially here.  I cant wait to get a sticker for this one, and hopefully I can get into a few more in the future, that's if I like it.

Well, this morning we got up and ran.  I was a little bit comatose this morning.  I apparently don't sleep anymore.  I once enjoyed sleep very much but lately, eh, who needs sleep....MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!  I spend all night tossing and turning so it is really not all that surprising that I am so tired for my morning run after 3 hours of sleep.  I am doing physical stuff all day long so why can't I sleep.  And I really don't want to take anything to help me sleep, I am hoping nature will take its course soon.  I did run this morning but we really only did 3 miles, we walked the entire first mile.  I didn't feel to bad about it because I knew we had NoBo tonight so I would get at least one more mile, but my group did so good and we ended up doing 2 miles.  I couldn't believe how good they did.  And they did it with very little complaining!  So all in all I got in 6 miles today!

So after I got done with the NoBo group it was back to work, and I am smelling a little bit goatish.  It wasn't hot but I got very sweaty.  BTW...how great is the weather around here.  Our run this morning was under 70 degrees and this afternoon was below 90!  Then when the work day is over I am getting in the pool for just a little bit more activity, again, in the hope for a good night's sleep.

Wish me luck with the sleeping thing!!!!  If I don't rest I might DIE!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hi Hi Folks

For a week that I have not been too busy and been pretty much bored a couple of nights a week I have not found a lot of time to blog.  But I'm here now!!!!

Like I said, I have not had a busy week but I have not had a lot of free time either.  Its just been a weird week.  Each day has started pretty early and I have got my workouts in but I haven't gotten to work out like I normally do.  My runs all week have been cut short to teach class, and I have enjoyed teaching class but I am missing some quality time with my running buddy.

And the class that I am teaching has made me sore!!!!!  Go figure.  I'm sore from class but I have also really been trying hard to pick up my runs.  I have been trying to run faster and longer with fewer walk breaks and hills.  For that my legs and hip hurt, and my arms are sore from all the weights. Ha ha.  I want my normal schedule back.

I really don't know where all my week went.  I have also not seen my family in what seems like days.  It just been work and the gym and sleep.  I did better with my sleep this week but today I am pretty much exhausted.  We ran earlier than normal so I could get in a full run and 5am came early and I am paying for it now.

I don't see my schedule slowing down any time soon.  Next week we start Football and Volleyball season!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot wait!  I was bored a few nights this week and at least with sports season starting I will get to see my family some.  I promise next week, busy or bored, I will post more frequently than this week.

I hope you guys have all had a good week as well.  I have noticed when I don't post I don't hear from you guys.  Another reason to post everyday!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not As Planned

My day, hell my week has not gone exactly gone like I expected it to.  I have not gotten to run like I want to, I skipped yesterday for my reasons then last night I was up sick all night long.  It must have been something I ate because once I felt better instantly.  I just was up way after midnight so I opted out of the run/walk this morning.  I was kinda bummed about missing two days, if I had known I would have been sick I would have just gone on Monday and gotten the miles that I could.

I did get in a couple of workouts today.  I swam with my swimming friend today, she is back to school so we are back to swimming.  And she did very good today!  Then to my amazement, I was called before I left work and invited to run with my NoBo group so I ended up getting to run after all.  Yeah!  I have discovered that I run much better in the afternoon than I do in the morning. 

Tomorrow I have to teach the toning class again so I will miss some of my run but after reading an article in Runners World I have a special program for us tomorrow....hills!  One of my running buddies is out because of an injury and the other one agreed to do it with me so hahaha I am running hills tomorrow.   It makes me laugh because I do everything in my power to avoid hill and tomorrow that is all I am going to do.  I need to get stronger.

I have also gotten on a new kick here lately.  I have been Juicing (not steroids) but fruits and veggies.  I dont like to eat many veggies so I thought this might be a way to get them in without actually having to eat them.  So far it taste really gross but I am trying all kinds of new foods.  I am that crazy person in the grocery that walks through the produce department and buys one of everything.  Basically everything taste like celery so far.  I am still trying out new combinations and even trying some solo, like kale, blah yuck!

If I find any that are exceptionally delicious I will let you know. 

Ok, I must get into bed now cause I am going to run in the morning, no matter what....I need some miles this week and my new running shoes are feeling neglected.

Nighty Night!

By the way:  This post has been typed up for a while now but my stupid internet keeps going in and out so I cant spell check or post it.  Come on!

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

I assume everyone has the same problem as I do when it comes to workout clothes and laundry.  My workout clothes smell musty all the time, or they did.  I tried the Tide Sport with Febreeze, multiple fabric softeners with smelly good stuff but they never smelled quite right.  I knew they were clean just not as fresh as I would like.

My sisters who have high efficiency washers said that some of their clothes were coming out with the same smell and they suggested I try Downy Unstoppables.  I am amazed.  My clothes smell like a million bucks. 

It has this sort of motion scent booster that makes them smell good when they come out of the dryer and keep smelling good all day long.  I suggest this to anyone with musty smelling laundry when it comes out of the dryer. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Monday!

I think I caught up on sleep and I felt so rested when I woke up at 4:30 this morning.  Yes, 4:30!!!!  I was so tired this weekend I thought I would never get caught up, but Sunday I took a good long nap, and then went to bed early and got a full nights sleep.  Usually when I take a Sunday nap I cannot sleep that night but last night Ahhhhh! a full nights sleep.  That said I forgot what it was like to be fully rested.

Ok, so now that I am rested and in a freakin good mood let me tell you all about my weekend.  I had to start the weekend off by working and that is a way to make a weekend yuck! But when I got off work I took a short 30 minute nap and then headed to the shoe store.  Ahhhh new shoes, I calculated up how long I have worn my last shoes and it was 9 months.  Granted, I only wear them to to run but that is still way tooo long to have a pair of running shoes.  I went to my shoe store and they didn't have my shoes.  I was really upset that they didn't have them so I headed over to Dick's Sporting Goods and they had them in the same color that I have, the lunch lady colors, but after much searching on the shelves I found some in my size in a different color.  Yeah!!!!!!!

Lookie, I got my new shoe laces in and everything.  And no more solid white shoes!

I wore them around the house for the rest of the afternoon on Saturday to make sure they were going to work and they are perfect.  I forgot how good it feels to have on new shoes. 

Then Saturday night we had a football scrimmage and that means....FOOTBALL SEASON!  I love football and I love it more when its my babies playing.  There is nothing like sitting out by the field watching the boys tackle the crap out of the other team.  My boys are big and linemen so they do lots of hitting. 

Then on Saturday night I had to bake a cake so I was up a little later than I had hoped but the cake turned out cute so it was worth it.  I finally got into bed but it was after mid-night.  And we all know what I did on Sunday, I woke up early for church, did church, lunch, birthday party, and sleep!  Sleep oh much needed sleep!  

This morning I didn't go out to run.  I had to teach the early morning class at the gym and the last couple of times I had to teach I only got to run for 40 minutes and it really just makes me ill to have to run back to the gym mid-run and not finish.  So this morning I just went to teach class.  I missed running so Wed. I guess I will just take my half run and teach because I missed it today.

Then tonight was the first meeting of our NoBo group.  It was kinda raining when it was time to start so I was afraid that we would get rained out but luckily we got to go.  The group did so good.  It is a smaller group than last time but we have them signing up so fast that we might actually have a full group before the next meeting.  Today was just one mile, but I got to test out my new running shoes and they are FANTASTIC! 

All in all its been a good day, 2 workouts and no sleep deprivation.  I already have my tip and trick product picked out for tomorrow so I hope you are ready, its a good one!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Ahhhhh thank you its finally Friday!!!!!!!!!!

This has been a really long week for me, I don't know about you guys, but I am so happy to say, Thank Goodness its Friday.  I had a busy week without one single day that I woke up after 6 or went to bed before 11.  For that I must say I am so tired.  I will get in bed tonight before 10pm, I will I will I will, but I have to be up early in the morning to work.  I was hoping to have the weekend off of work but you cant always get what you want right?

I had 5 days this week of walking or running or doing a combination of the 2 and yesterday I developed a blister on the back of both of my feet.  I thought maybe it was too much time on my feet or something.  Well today when I went to slide my shoes on I realized that I should check and make sure my shoes weren't torn up or have anything in them that would have caused my blisters.  Well.....to my surprise, I found a lot more than I expected.  (Now I must say I was stretching my shoes further than I should have because I wanted to get closer to my half marathon to buy new shoes, but this was shocking)  There is a hole in the back of both of my running shoes that you could not cover with a half dollar.  There is no padding, no cushioning, nothing but plastic exterior shoe material.  I guess since I switched to my new laces I haven't had to actually look at my shoes, I just slide them on and off, that I didn't notice.

Oh it looks like there may be a little padding on the outside of the gaping hole!

So as much as I had hoped to save a few weeks and run through bad shoes I have decided to go to the store tomorrow and get me some new pumps.  I need them so I am really excited about it, I always love getting new shoes and maybe this time I can get some that are night so white.  These look like old lady lunchroom shoes they are so white.  I never washed them in hopes that they would get dirty but they were un-stainable and white as white could be!

And tomorrow is tax free weekend so I will get some shoes and some new racing tights just cause I don't have to pay tax.  Yeah me! 

Today I got to be the teacher again for my morning aerobics class and I got to teach water aerobics.  Oh and I ran first, so this morning I got in 3 straight hours of working out, for that I will not workout tonight.  My run this morning was actually really good.  I laid off the hills this morning and only got to run 3 miles which could be why I think this mornings run went good but after the first half mile I felt like I could go for days.  

Now, for my blond moment of the day, I locked my keys in the car this morning at 6 am and could not get any of my dry clothes or bathing suit out before I had to teach class.  I didn't have my phone, nothing.  I haven't done that in a while so now I am on over protective mode of my car keys. 

If I get me some new cutie shoes tomorrow you know I will have a picture for you.  New Shoes!!!!! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quoteable Quotes

Confucius Say:

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall"

When the Results Don't Match the Effort!

I knew I was going to be sore today, I could tell that when I laid down in bed last night.  I WAS RIGHT!  I do love to be right!  Well I woke up this morning and to my amazement I could walk, granted I had to walk with straight legs because the idea of bending my knees was just too much.

So off to run we went.  The warmer my legs got the better the pain in the legs, but still hurting pretty bad.  I told my running buddies that I was sending them up every hill I could think of so that their legs would hurt like mine...I guess misery really does love company.  The only thing is I didn't really take into consideration that I was going to have to run them too. 

I actually felt pretty good during the run.  I ran up the hills as far as I could and then walked to the top, just FYI: walk breaks up steep hills, not so much of a relaxing walk break!  I was trying really hard even on the uphill walks but the entire time I was moving so slow.  I tried taking bigger steps and faster steps but nothing.  It was like running through sand. 

By mile 5.5 I was really beginning to get sore and hurt.  Everything from my navel to knees was on fire.  At this point even the down hills were starting to hurt.  We finally gave it up at mile 6.  I was happy to make it past 3 miles because I was ready to be done.  I choose not to do anything else this morning to rest my legs a bit but I will get something in tonight, I just don't know what yet.  And I have my shorts tonight, I double checked before I left the house!

Thinking Thin

Welcome to Thinking Thin, this time actually on Wednesday.  So it's not as early as I would have hoped but on the right day...now that is what I call progress.

Here's how it works....post the code and picture in your own blog post, if you want to follow me, great, but you in no way shape for form have to follow me if you don't want to, you are still welcome to play.  This way other weight loss/ diet/ running bloggers can find each other.  We are creating our own village.

Today I have a topic!  Over breakfast this morning, after our run (not during) we got on the discussion of what is the best pre-run meal.  This meaning the night before not breakfast the day of.  My running buddy said she thought pizza was the greatest meal to eat before a run....and I kinda agree, pizza is a good suggestion, but for me the night before a longer run, or an intense workout, either one, I like to go for a sub type sandwich.  Lots of carbs, but also packed with protein.  This is the best for me, but like any other person that I know, pre-race day I am all about the pasta!  Spaghetti, don't mind if I do!!!!!

What do you guys eat that makes your workout better?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A New Level of Intense

Today I must say I put my body through 2 workouts that I may never recover from.  I told you earlier today about the rope workout, and while I was working out I was suffering and now I'm starting to feel the burn. 

Then this afternoon I went back for my legs, you know the workout that I missed last night because I forgot my shorts.  All I can say is wowowowowowowohhhhhh wow!  I bumped up my weight because I knew that I could go a little bit heavier.  I did 4 workouts, I call them supersets but honestly I don't know what that really means...

Anyway, It was 4 exercises that work all the muscles in the legs.  By the time I got done I was shaking all over.  The trip down the steps after the workout was done was a dicey one.  I made it without falling. 
For the next 2 hours I couldn't flex my quad without my entire leg shaking.  It was crazy!!!

Anyway I have to run 7 miles tomorrow morning and at this moment in my life I am hoping I can walk in the morning much less run.  I need my miles because I have a half coming up!!!!

Tonight I also met with our new NoBo group.  We have a smaller group this time, which is good and bad.  I am wishing more had signed up because I think anyone who did it would love it but with less people we get more one on one time with each individual runner.  I am just so excited to start this back up again!  It was so successful last time with all of our runners finishing the race. 

I must go to bed now and hope and pray that my body will function in the morning.  After the rope and the weights I am having serious doubts.

Oh and come back tomorrow for Thinking Thin.  Hopefully I will have it up earlier tomorrow than last week, you know Thursday!


Tips and Tricks Tuesday

You guys have got to try this workout.  If you gym doesn't have a rope start asking them now to get one.  It took me 8 months of asking and begging and pleading but my gym finally got tired of hearing my voice and got a rope.  This morning I finally got to use it, after the disappointment last night

So this morning after a 3.5 mile walk we headed off to the gym for a rope workout.  Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never knew 10 minutes could be so effective.

Here are a few examples, to let you know how challenging this is, we did 30 second intervals this morning and were dying and this one guy is talking about 3-5 minute intervals.  I will work towards that but man it was tough.

You have got to try this at home!!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

So Mad!!!!!

I had my day all planned out.  The plan went like this...Morning Run, swim intervals.  Off to work, Job 1 and 2.  Then workout after work.  I even had my meals planned and packed and ready to go.  All went according to planned until right now.  Our run this morning was 5 miles, the first 3 were nice, it wasn't too hot or sunny and we walked a lot of it so it was nice.  About mile 4 after we had some breakfast it started to get hot and we let the one person who didn't know the back roads make the decision on the route (NOT THE BEST IDEA) and I threatened to rip her legs off.  She managed to make us run up a hill that lasted forever.  Once we got to the top of the hill it wasn't to bad for the final stretch.  The sun did come out full force on the last mile and it warmed up about 10 degrees but we were so close at this point we had to finish strong.  I don't know that I have been quite that sweaty in a really long time. 

I knew once we got done that I was going to do intervals in the pool.  Just about 30 minutes, nothing crazy, but a good cool down from the run and a few more minutes of cardio for the day. 

It was after the workout this morning that everything began to go a little bit wonkey.

When I got to work, with my food in my pack, my door to my office was closed and locked.  That never happens.  I called my boss and asked him if this was a nice way to tell me I was fired, because it was locked and I have no key.  He assured me that I was not fired but that he wouldn't be there before it was time for me to take off to job 2 so I had no way to get into my office! 

So I got to job 2 on time because I couldn't get lost in my inbox like usual and I have been here ever since.  About 8 o'clock I started getting ready for my next workout.  It was weights on the legs and the rope undulation!  I went to get my clothes out of the car and.....NO SHORTS!!!!!  I don't know that I can lift weights in jeans!  I was pissed!  I wanted to get in this workout so bad, I have been waiting for it all weekend long.  And unfortunately I don't have anything in the car that I could use for one night to workout in.  I already checked. 

So I moved my legs to tomorrow morning, which was supposed to be my arm workout, and then moved my arm workout to tomorrow night and I wont get to do any weights on Wednesday.  Uhhhhh, that was not the plan for the week.

I will adjust but this was the perfect start to a new week, Monday the 1st!!!!  Apparently that is a good omen to start something new (according to my one legged running buddy)

Wish me luck tomorrow, hopefully I can remember all my crap before I leave the house!
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