Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello, I Should Be In BED!!!!

I have been a work rat today and not a gym rat today.  I actually didn't even get to the gym until after 8pm.  I opted to sleep a little longer this morning and workout tonight.  What I thought was going to be a day of sitting at the office ended up being a day of running around town, showing property and celebrating birthdays.

My niece celebrated her 11th birthday today (they grow up so fast) so I got to go to school and eat lunch with her.  In an attempt to do better with my diet I only ate 1 cupcake!!!!!!  Trust me, with the way my diet has gone the last few weeks that was a victory today.  I could have eaten all of the cupcakes cause they were fresh and good!!!!

But only one cupcake! 

Then tonight I made up for my cupcake at the gym.  I got in a pool workout.  Swam half a mile and then did another half a mile running in the pool.  Its a lot harder to run in the pool than one might expect.  Half a mile feels like 5.  And I really try to push it in the pool because it gets my heart rate up and the resistance makes me stronger, but the water keeps the pressure off the joints. 

Now I am officially pooped out and ready for bed because in 7 hours I have to be back out and running, this time on dry ground.  I have to run a little longer tomorrow if I am going to be ready for this half next month.

Really, there is no chance that I will be READY for the half, I will be able to do the distance, but I will not be doing it that well.  Hopefully, I can get a little bit more ready than I am now.  My running partner said she would like to run at least 5 miles before the big day!!!  She is taking this as serious as I am, difference is she is younger and skinner and in a lot better shape than me so she will do it in like 2 hours with no training.  haha I do love her.

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